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All things paranormal, strange, dark and macabre worldwide!
All things paranormal, strange, dark and macabre worldwide!


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Podcast episode 18!
The Paranormal Guide Podcast Episode Eighteen is here!

It has been long three month break but we are back to discussing all things paranormal. Click the link, have a listen, and as always be warned some strong language and adult themes.

Check it out: 

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The Bloody Benders - A Small Cabin with a Big Secret...

"As you are shown to the place of honour at the dinner table you probably would not take great notice of the thick curtain behind you that subdivided the little one room cabin, or the trap door at your feet. Unfortunately death was waiting for you there..."

Read more about this family of killers here:

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Very creepy...
The Lizard Man of Lee County

"...upon changing his tyre he heard a thump from behind him and turned to see something that terrified him to his core. "I looked back and saw something running across the field towards me. It was about 25 yards away and I saw red eyes glowing."

Read more about this encounter here:

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Have a listen to the latest episode!
The Paranormal Guide Podcast Seventeen is here!

This episode we talk about the West Terrace Cemetery Night Tour - Our stay at Troubridge Island Lighthouse where we encountered some interesting activity - Some hints and tips for those of you just starting to get out and investigate for yourselves - Finally we discuss a video that allegedly shows a man being pushed by a ghost.

Click the link to listen to all this and a little bit more:

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Child ghosts creep me out.
Shelbourne Hotel
Dublin, Ireland

'World of the Paranormal' are short bite sized posts covering paranormal locations, events, personalities and objects from all across the globe.

The Paranormal Guide for all things paranormal, strange, dark and macabre:

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What are your thoughts on this one?
Lord Combermere's Ghost - Fact or Fiction?

"As the funeral was taking place, Corbet set up the camera and took an exposure. When it was developed she was shocked to find the image of a man sitting in the deceased Lord Combermere's favorite chair. Family (including Corbet) and staff all agreed that the apparition looked like the Lord Combermere..."

Read more about this photo here:

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Thats right... Jack the Stripper... Not to be confused with the other 'Jack'.
Killers with Strange Nicknames
Unsolved Crime

Jack the Stripper

An unusual name for a serial killer but one that seems fitting due to the similarities with Jack the Ripper. Through 1964 and 1965, the bodies of six prostitutes were discovered across London or dumped in the River Thames. All were found nude and several had body parts missing (teeth). There were another two bodies found near the Thames and although they bore several similarities to the other six, including one of them missing teeth, they are not officially considered victims of this killer.

Although it is not known for certain whether the victims knew each other, it was found that several had ties to the underground pornographic movie scene.

The killings only stopped after the chief investigator into the murders falsely told news reporters that he had narrowed down the pool of suspects to just three people. The names were not announced at the time.

The investigation turned up some interesting clues, such as paint flecks found on several of the bodies, which were traced back to Heron Trading Estate and Scotland Yard's number one suspect, Scottish security guard Mungo Ireland. Ireland took his own life shortly after he was suspected and left a note stating that he could take it no longer and that his wife and the police can find him in the garage. He had died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Ireland was the number one suspect, clues pointed in his direction and his death and note could be seen as an admission of guilt.

However, further investigation showed that Ireland was in Scotland at the time of the final of the six official murders attributed to Jack the Stripper.

There have been other 'prime suspects' over the years with investigators (professional and amateur) and authors coming up with their own. However none have been charged for the murders.

The murders were also known as the Hammersmith Murders and the Hammersmith Nudes Case.


Charlie Chop-Off

Between 1972 and 1974, five children in Manhattan were killed and another was left for dead. Five of the six young boys had their penises mutilated with a knife which is where this killer got his nickname. All deaths, injuries and mutilations were done via stabbing or slashing with a knife and/or razor. Only the final victims genitals were left intact.

On May 15, 1974, a patient of the Manhattan Psychiatric Centre was arrested while attempting to abduct a young boy. This man, Erno Soto, was arrested and added as a suspect of the Charlie Chop-off killings. The only surviving victim of the killer said Soto looked similar to his attacker but would not officially identify him. Soto also confessed to one of the murders.

The problem was that hospital records have Soto in the hospitals custody at the time of at least one of the killings, however, staff also admit he may have temporarily escaped as he had done so several times before. Erno Soto remained in the Manhattan Psychiatric Centre and the killings stopped.

These killings are still officially unsolved.


Beer Man

Between October 2006 and January 2007, six people in Mumbai, India, are murdered. Either stabbed or clubbed to death, the bodies are found in narrow alleys, on footbridges or other tight spaces. Several of the bodies were naked from the waist down.

When it came to give this killer a nickname, the newspapers focused on the most mundane of things found at several of the crime scenes – that two of the bodies had empty beer cans/bottles found next to them, apparently the killers (sometimes/rarely) signature – thus this killer became known as "Beer Man".

A year after the final of these six murders was committed, a man, Ravindra Kantrole, is convicted of a (thought to be) seventh murder. Kantrole is also charged with two of the other Beer Man murders. It was thought a serial killer was now off the streets... however, Kantrole was later cleared of any involvement in the Beer Man killings.
The Beer Man killings are still unsolved.


By Ashley Hall - The Paranormal Guide 2015

Main Pic: Shore of the Thames, Hammersmith, London circa 1950-1965.
Left: Manhattan Psychiatric Centre.
Right: Kingfisher Beer bottle (not from the crime scene).

You can find a lot more articles about all things paranormal, strange, dark and macabre at The Paranormal Guide Website:

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The Oakville Blob Rain
Oakville, Washington

'World of the Paranormal' are short bite sized posts covering paranormal locations, events, personalities and objects from all across the globe.

(Note: the photo used is not of the blob rain itself but rather a photo used that is said to resemble the substance)

The Paranormal Guide for all things paranormal, strange, dark and macabre:

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Maritime mysteries are always the strangest. So much wide open space once you get out there...
Kaz II Mystery
Australian Maritime Mystery

In what has been dubbed "Australia's Ghost Ship Mystery", on the 18th April, 2007, the crew of a surveillance helicopter spotted a catamaran drifting in the sea almost 100 miles off the Queensland coast of Australia, in the area of the Great Barrier Reef. They observed that the 9.8 metre ship was in some damage, as the sails looked to be badly shredded. Reporting that the crew may be in distress, a rescue crew was dispatched by helicopter two days later, catching up to the vessel and boarded the craft.

They were to find circumstances on the vessel "strange".

It looked as if everything was set up for a meal, with food and utensils set out on a table. The engine was still running, and computers and a laptop were also set up and turned on. The anchor was up. Emergency systems on board, including its radio and GPS, were still functional, and the vessel still had its full set of life jackets. Fishing lines were still being ran from the boat, a cup of coffee was found near a life ring at the helm, and the personal belongings of the crew, including wallets and hung-out laundry, were found near slept-in beds. Maps were still placed out on another table. There had been no distress signals sent by the crew, and the boat looked to be in perfect working condition.

What was not found on board, however, were its three man crew: 56 year old Derek Batten, the owner and skipper of the boat, and his best mates, brothers Peter (69)and James Tunstead (63). All were from Perth, Western Australia.

What is known is that Batten, who is said to have been an experienced and careful yachtsman, had purchased the craft ten months earlier and along with the Tunstead brothers, who were also skilled sailors, planned to sail the ship, called the Kaz II, from Airlie Beach along the northern and western coasts of Australia in what would have been an eight-week, 5000km nautical trek along some of the worlds most captivating coastlines. The journey had been planned for some significant time beforehand, and they were to dock back in Perth.

Departing Airlie Beach on Sunday April 15th in the morning between 7-8am, Peter Tunstead was rung by his wife within the next two hours, where he told her their next stop was Townsville, nearly two days away. Shortly afterwards Batten made a routine call to the radio operator on shore, and that was the last contact thought to have been made by the crew.

A video recording shot by James Tunstead, time-stamped at just after 10am on that Sunday morning, was found by investigators when the Kaz II was towed back into Townsville by investigators on the following Friday. It shows Peter Tunstead fishing while sitting on the aft stairway, not wearing a life-jacket. Batten is shown at the helm. The sea was a bit rough, and as the camera pans 360 degrees, it shows islands and surroundings which helped investigators pinpoint their location. A long white rope can be seen trailing behind the boat, and the engine is not running. Within the next thirty minutes the three men were to disappear without a trace.

During the forensic investigation, the GPS system provided the most intriguing information, as at half past ten it shows something happened to the men at this time as the boat started to veer perilously off-course further out to sea. A week long search had already started on the 18th, and proved fruitless.

An inquest into the incident began sixteen months later in August 2008, and it was determined that the men did not meet with foul play and did not stage their disappearances. The Queensland coroner stated in his report that the men died due to a "tragic accident", in which a scenario is put forth that Peter Tunstead may have attempted to free a lure that had become entangled on the ship's port side rudder and fell overboard. James then went in to rescue his brother and Batten, still at the helm, may have turned the engine on in an attempt to go back for them, but was knocked overboard by the sails before he got a chance to drop them (the sails) and the men all were unable to make it to the boat that was speeding away. There is evidence to support this theory, but many local yachtsman, and it is said some of the family members of the vanishing men, have never fully agreed with this conclusion.

(note the coroner himself has also stated the he "cannot be so definitive about the circumstances under which the deaths occurred." ~ Ash.)

So what else could have happened to these men?

Well, the notion of a freak wave hitting the boat and throwing the men overboard has been discounted, as the condition the boat was in when rescuers boarded the vessel does not gel with that idea. Then there is the hypothesis put forth by cryptozoologists that the ship may have been attacked by a giant or colossal squid. The torn sails may support a Kraken attack, but if this is the case, no evidence was found to support a monstrous encounter (none given publicly anyway). Many sea monster enthusiasts believe this may have been the case, as giant squid have attacked small vessels before, believing them to be whales.

Could a gigantic squid have attacked the catamaran and pulled the men into the sea?

In an episode of the Discovery Channel TV show 'Weird or What?' (hosted by Star Trek star William Shatner) a psychotherapist by the name of Barbara Lamb put forth her theory that a UFO, or rather a USO (Unidentified Sea Object) took the men and are possibly being held captive by extra-terrestrials who travel through the oceans in underwater vessels. And would you believe it, there is a twist that might make this idea a little compelling and thought worthy, as many Ufologists from around Australia are aware of multiple eyewitness accounts on the evening of the 14th of April (the evening prior to the Kaz II's departure) of a grey saucer shaped object, metallic looking and over 100 feet in diameter hovering above cars on a highway for some minutes. It was edged with bright lights and was then seen heading at high speed directly out to sea. These reports were made by people near Airlie Beach.

Another theory, much more plausible, is that the men may have docked with another vessel, as its fenders were out when it was found. Could they have been kidnapped by criminals smuggling whatever in or out of the country?
Or were one or all of the men involved in criminal behaviour that got them killed?

Will we ever know what exactly happened to these three men?
It is unlikely, but what is for sure is that the story of these men and their disappearance, and theories as to their fates, will continue to be told
What do you think happened to these three sailors?

By Matty Sweeney of Marvels and the Macabre with Matty

Photos: Kaz II as found at sea.
Inset left: Forensic team investigates.
Inset right: Left to right, the missing men: James Tunstead, Des Batten and Peter Tunstead.

You can find a lot more articles about all things paranormal, strange, dark and macabre at The Paranormal Guide Website:

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Have a listen as we bring to you some more interesting and at times strange paranormal discussion.
The Paranormal Guide Podcast Episode Sixteen is here!

This episode we discuss: talking to ghosts - mouldy ghosts - smelly ghosts - trapping ghosts - Butt Glue... all of that might sound ludicrous (and a little seedy) but if you click the link and have a listen it might make more sense... maybe.

Listen here:

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