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Are you an awesome coder?

Do you care about performance of code? A LOT? If so, I want to talk to you about an opportunity. This is all C# / .NET, but I think the ideal candidate would need to understand C/C++ concepts.

Ideally looking for someone who understands when and how to target software performance bottlenecks, how to pick the right tools, understand when software performance is CPU-bound, I/O-bound, memory-bound, etc., and generally know where to look. Given a high-level problem, you should know where to look next, what tools to use, etc.

You need to understand if the wrong data-structures are used in code, which means you need to understand the time-space complexities of the various data-structures used. It's typical and normal to initially write software using the standard data-structures come with .NET, arrays, lists, dictionaries, etc., but those may not be enough. You should have an understanding of frameworks in general, not just .NET.

Today, most computers have more than one core, but typical software rarely makes use of them. Do you know how and when to use Tasks to leverage multiple-cores to improve software performance?

This is a full-time permanent position on-site in Orange County, California.

If this is the kind of thing that interests you, please e-mail me at "kasajian at"

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Man, I'd really like to use this "tap" thing when it comes out:

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Once we have this, I want it. But I want it to run vim.
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How do you know you have enough testing built-it to your development process.

Answer this question: Let's say someone else changes a whole bunch of your code. You do a reasonable source-code review and you speak the developer about it before and after the change. How confident are you that they didn't change something fundamental to the point that they've broken something subtle that will only materialize in production? Can you say to yourself:

"Well, even if we missed something, she couldn't have to totally screwed up the code-base because I know for a fact that A, B, and C is checked, and so is X, Y and Z, before we go to production. I know this because I have automated/manual tests and process to ensure those tests are run"

If you cannot make that assertion, then you have a hole in your process and you need more tests. 

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checking in node_modules

you see this all the time in a build step, but is that right?

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Although I want to, this is an example of why I don't run Linux on the desktop. I prefer OS X. I am also fine with Windows.

In 1977, I went to see the space opera, Star Wars. Leia Organa’s crew want peace, fighting the dark side who has an immense weapon that can destroy entire planets. On a desert-planet, both sides looking for information stored in a cute robot that talks using bleeps, they then organize and destroy the weapon with the help of a friend of Luke Skywalker's a smuggler named Han Solo. A tough-babe, TIE and X-Wing fighters and epic lightsaber duels are all a part of what makes this a genre-defining film.


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‪#‎Intellipaper‬- A paper ‪#‎USB‬

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I no longer have a private office and this picture illustrates the reason why:
- I prefer sharing an office with 3 or 4 other people.
- More room to pace back and forth
- Huge wall that I can write on (the walls have special coating that makes it a whiteboard)
- The desks go up and down.  So they can be standing desks or sitting desks.   I also prefer standing when pairing with someone.   Or if someone walks over and wants to see something, they're already at eye-level, rather than them having to sit or bend down to see my screen.
- When I have an intern or visiting contractors, they have the joy of working in the same room as me the entire time.

The only annoying part is me.   Not annoying to me, but to the guys I'm sharing the room with. :)
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