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Shemrez Nauman Afzal
Researcher, Writer, Defense/OSINT Analyst, Social Media Networker, Activist: basically a blabbermouth who knows it all and never shuts up.
Researcher, Writer, Defense/OSINT Analyst, Social Media Networker, Activist: basically a blabbermouth who knows it all and never shuts up.

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India wants to engage Pakistan in 'low-intensity war': Pakistan Defence Minister
"India wants to keep us busy in a low-intensity war or low-intensity engagement on our eastern border. They are pursuing the same (old) tactics of keeping our forces busy on all fronts," Defence Minister Khawaja Asif said outside the Pakistan Parliament in Islamabad on Saturday.
Asif also appeared to threaten India with retaliation over the killing of Pakistani soldiers in cross-border exchange of fire, saying the country "will now communicate in the language they (India) understand".
"In the past six-seven months, we have tried to [improve] our ties with India so that peace can prevail. But it seems that they do not understand this language," Asif said, "I believe we will now communicate with India in the language they understand"...

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“India has designs on Pakistan and is helping militants to carry out heinous acts inside Pakistan,” Defence Minister Khwaja Mohammad Asif told Dawn News.
He said that India wants to keep Pakistan busy with “skirmishes on the eastern border so that the country remains distracted from the war on its western borders and the terrorism within.”
“The Taliban have links with India. Also, India’s involvement in the insurgency in Balochistan cannot be ignored,” Asif said.
The Minister also stated that “a low intensity war was underway” between the two nuclear-armed adversaries.

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Around the world, no one can see such mockery of the national flag, whereas the practice is being followed in #Pakistan for last few years and no one has taken any notice giving a free hand to those printing anything on flags at one's own will.

Lack of knowledge and awareness about the national flag is at its best as most of the people do not know the history of the national flag and its importance and that is why the printers give them different green colour shades with their own choice.

Such disgraceful activities and the disrespect shown to the national flag by adding other different images onto it should be made a crime punishable by at least a fine if not by imprisonment: if Pakistan can arrest non-Muslims (and kill them without due process) under the law, and have other laws most of which do not make sense, then there should be at least one law regarding the sanctity of the national flag which may not make sense to ordinary (illiterate) Pakistanis right now - but in some years, they might finally understand this and the importance of nationalism as part of one's identity...

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Election promise : 11 days before the May 2013 general election, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif aka Khaadim-e-Aala vowed to eliminate #electricity  from either #Punjab  or #Pakistan
YUP. Not an end to loadshedding, not an end to electricity shortage or power outages, but a solemn (yet vigorous) promise to finish electricity in the country. 
He was, in fact, hyped up about - and making fun of - a #SlipOfTongue   #TongueOfSlip  by +Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman +Imran Khan (Official). Evidently, he was confused by the throng of supporters and party workers surrounding him. But he said what he said: and it sounds like a promise that the +PML(N) government can actually fulfill...!!! 

[Lets all thank +sarah eleazar for this beauty] 

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Nice going #ISI !!! 

PROOF that the Pakistani intelligence services can also be alleged to, er... "LOVE DEEP" :D 

[BTW NO WONDER he got caught :P
that is, of course, if he IS/WAS an ISI informant or spy] 

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These teams contributed to a system where #JSOC 's #intelligence  operations "were feeding its action and often that intelligence was not vetted by anyone outside of the JSOC structure". 

"The priority was to keep hitting targets." 

The insulated intelligence led to a lot of people being killed — some of whom were innocent. 
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