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Shazia Elahi
Software developer in the making. Love food, love films and love people!
Software developer in the making. Love food, love films and love people!
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Why not recreate our suggested looks using the Miranda Tang Orange Satchel (or any of our bags), and take a photo? Send your name, photo(s) and email address to and we will send you a huge discount code for your next purchase!

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Our first two looks featuring the Miranda Tang Orange Satchel were casual yet daring. This next look is for those who are more laid back and casual...but still sophisticated and feminine...

We thought the Miranda Tang Orange Satchel ( is such a bold and daring bag that it can work with almost anything! This look is perfect for when you want to go shopping, have a casual lunch date or coffee with a friend!
We complimented our bag with a blue knitted cable dress. It's still chilly so we need to keep warm, yet stylish! A pair of over the knee tan boots to perfect the casual yet chic look. And finally, to accessorize the look we've opted for gold chain jewellery. Simple, yet feminine.

Why not recreate this look using the Miranda Tang Orange Satchel, or any look we've suggested, and take a photo? Send your name, photo(s) and email address to and we will send you a huge discount code for your next purchase!

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We're not just a luxury leather brand, we're fashion gurus too and can help you style the perfect statement bag with this seasons latest trends!

Our first look for this year is fresh, beautiful and zesty! We've taken our Miranda Tang Orange Satchel ( and styled it with some neutral trousers and a stunning white blouse. To finish it off, we've paired it with some killer high heels so all you ladies can strut around town in style!
And finally, we've accessorized this look with some simple jewellery!

Go a little daring this year!

CcHA London x

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What are some of your New Years Resolutions?

At CcHA London, some of our new years resolutions are to

1) Offer more high leather quality products to our customers

2) To do as many offers and competitions as we can!

3) To lose weight! (Don't worry, only applies to the boss! Haha!)

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In advance, we'd like to wish all followers a Happy New Year!

We hope that you guys have a fantastic time!

Love, CcHA London x

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Having a New Year weekend getaway?

Why not check out our "Cabin Bags" for Men and "Bowler Bags" for Women. They're perfect for holding in all those necessities and looking stylish at the same time.

Quick! While the offer Free Shipping worldwide is still going!

Happy shopping :)
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We know how difficult it is for an emerging brand to attract people via social networking sites. Whilst G+ Pages is still fairly new and there are many improvements yet to be are a few that +CcHA London Ltd would love to see.

1) Discussion threads
Google+ Pages should be able to create their own threads/forums on their pages. A new tab on our profile called "Threads" which is open to the public.

2) Ability to buy direct from Google+ Page
Perhaps the team at CcHA are hoping for a little too much here! But it would make life so much easier! Don't you think? Instead of followers having to go to another link, why not allow users to buy their favourite products direct from the page?

3) Make G+ Pages available to use on smartphones
We can access our normal G+ profiles via our smart phones, but not our brand pages. I don't know about you guys, but here at CcHA London we look talking all the time! Except..we can't carry a laptop around with us all the time.

4) Feedback Page
We know that our followers can comment on our page, and hopefully if there is a "Thread" tab then customers will also be able to participate in discussions or create their own discussions. However, it would be nice to see an extra tab named "Feedback" or something along those lines. Followers/Customers can send there feedback to this and it can be rated by other users. Top rated Feedback will be listed first and then ...recent feedback listed. This would be a great way to show potential followers/customers just how great our brand is!

+Google Plus Business Pages +Google+ Your Business +Google Enterprise

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Hey Guys, Anouska Proetta modelled our Marvin Tan Messenger bag on her blog! Check it out
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