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Rather nerdy - into boardgames, SF, anime/manga, Linux, etc.
Rather nerdy - into boardgames, SF, anime/manga, Linux, etc.

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This is for those of you that remember the days of vibrant indie newspapers that ran comic strips by Lynda Barry, Gary Panter, and the occasional big-shot movie director dabbling in comics: Via sports-and-pop-culture site Grantland is a eulogy for Life In Hell, the little comic strip that caused Matt Groening to come up with The Simpsons (because he didn't want to give up the rights to LIH).

Note to the Los Angeles Kings: before Game 2, please make sure that all your sticks are of legal curvature. Thanks. #LAKings

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The Big Parade LA is a two-day, ~35 mile event that walks (yes, in LA) from the Angel's Flight "funicular railway" downtown to the Hollywood sign. It meanders along parks, down the the Pasadena Freeway BETWEEN the northbound and southbound lanes, a rather beautiful section of the Los Angeles River, the Echo Park Art Walk, and more staircases than you can shake a (walking) stick at.

#BigParadeLA took place this year on May 19 and 20. I participated in most of Saturday's walk - I was half an hour late to Angel's Flight, though that didn't stop me from walking up the neighboring staircase and riding the train back down on my own. Whenever I ride the Flight down, I always wonder what would happen if the cable that ties the up and down cars suddenly snapped - would I make it all the way across Hill St. into the Central Market? Would one of the vendors there accept my "drive-thru" order of food?

I caught up to the Parade at the Chinatown Metro Gold Line Station. About a block north of the station is the south entrance to the Los Angeles State Historic Park, 13 acres of greenbelt that covers a former railyard. There are plans to eventually extend the park to cover a total of 32 acres.

The Big Parade then proceeded over a couple of bridges that span the LA River, and we wound our way to the downtown end of the Portola Trail, which runs through Elysian Park, connecting downtown with Echo Park. We soon left the Trail and Elysian Park in order to walk the Pasadena freeway. To be continued. . .

Martin Hanzal of the Phoenix Coyotes got a one-game suspension for his illegal hit on #LAKings team captain Dustin Brown Tuesday night. Hanzal will sit out Thursday night's game at the Staples Center. Shane Doan's hit on King's forward Trevor Lewis was also reviewed by the NHL, but Doan was not suspended. I think this was the right call on both hits. Hanzal's hit might have deserved a longer suspension. If Brown had stayed down on the ice longer (he was up after a few seconds), Hanzal's probably looking at a multi-game suspension. Anyway, looking forward to Thursday night - Go Kings!

#LAKings are excelling at nearly every phase of the game, and tonight they shored up the one thing that they hadn't been doing well - scoring on the power play. Sure, they had a couple of 5-on-3 matchups, but at least they got it in the net.

The #LAKings managed to keep the game in suspense most of the way despite outshooting Phoenix nearly 2-1. But a win is a win, especially in the other team's house. They're 6-0 on the road in this year's playoffs, And they are playing as well (postseason, anyway) as any Kings team I can recall. Is this finally the year the curse of McSorley's Stick is lifted?

Congratulations to Manchester City, the "noisy neighbors," on their first #EPL title in 44 years!

So, the L.A. sports team most likely to bring home a championship in 2012 is. . . the Kings?

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When you need to refine your search results and Google Advanced Search is not enough, now there is Google REALLY Advanced Search

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