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The Semi-Naked Truth
Well, I haven’t been on the blog
in one hell of a long time, so I thought I better get online and punch
something up before folks figured I joined the French Foreign Legion. Hmmm? Do
they even exist anymore? Note to self: Google it! But not until after you ...

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Well, I haven’t been on the blog for
a while, so I thought it might be a good idea to give a few updates and let
people know what is happening in the Dark World these days.  In the dying days
of 2015 I finished the first draft of my new novel,
Highwayman. A...

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THE EVIL CLOWN MUSE (Bastard that he is) presents:
It is often said that critics are failed artists, be they actors, writers or painters. I am a writer and an artist, your estimation of that talent is one of personal taste. I accept that, be it good, bad, or indifferent.       I write, because that is what ...

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Books for Brian
Brian lounging with a friend, many  years after leaving the military, Hard to believe, but it was over 17 years ago
that I was medically released from the Canadian Armed Forces. It was after
three leg operations that spanned 12 years in the combat arms, whe...

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Portsmouth, NH  June 4th-8th Typing my blog with Tony Tremblay's computer We came from all ends of the continent. Some from Colorado, others California, Oregon,
Vermont and Maine. There were even Canadians, such as myself, descending from
the north and taki...

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On a Writer's Forum I visit someone asked if it is perseverance and discipline that makes a good writer. I, being the arrogant writer penned this response. When I was 17, I wrote the first (synopsis I suppose you would call it)
for what I thought was going...

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Alright, first let me preface this blog post by telling you that I am not going to spend the next 1,500 or so words whining about how tough it is to be an indie writer.       Still here? Awesome, then let's get this started.       In 2010, I finished a manu...

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When my kids lived at home we used to have a tradition that fell on every Friday, night where we would get together and watch movies. It was our version of family night. Little secret, everyone in the Preston brood are big fans of the film genre. As the kid...
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