Going Public with My +1's
I just turned my +1 tab public so that people can see the +1'ing I'm doing of information I see around the web. According to +Mark Traphagen, Google recommends doing this as part of the author verification process, so that's what finally got me to do it. It's easy though...here's how:

Click on the "+1's" link in your profile. Click the blue "Edit Profile" link in the upper right corner of the screen, then check the "Show this tab on your profile" check box, just like the picture below. You're done. Easy.

Thinking about it, I think there's merit to my being more public about my +1'ing. I've been +1'ing stuff in Google Reader as kind of a staging ground for potential future posts. Most of the stuff I +1 never gets converted into actual posts, but people may still find them interesting. I've been looking around at a few influential folks who also expose their +1's and they actually pretty interesting. It's kind of a shared bookmarking process. Not as rich as Delicious or Diigo, but not horrible either, and if you spend a lot of time in G+, as I do, it's pretty convenient.
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