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Is it a "Place" or just a "Development". And what makes a Place?

Black coffee from AMT - best in the station. Feeling the footbridge undulate under your feet as the coffee is prepared - disconcerting. 

A thoughtful article on Google+. Interesting concepts and conclusions. For example:

"Why is Google+ is the genesis of a social backbone? The simple answer is that it’s the first system to combine a flexible enough social model with a widespread user base, and a company for whom exclusive ownership of the social graph isn’t essential to their business."

Typical. LoveFilm send me The Social Network just as everyone moves to Google+. 

When I see someone with hair dyed to match their clothes I am always impressed. The commitment to wearing shades of fuchsia, the fidelity! But what about the other clothes in their wardrobe? Perhaps there are no other clothes - what a beautiful wardrobe to behold. I want to see that wardrobe. 

Baffled. Clicking a +1 within Google+ is different to clicking a +1 next to a Google search result. Right? So what about when +1s start to appear within sites, next to the Facebook and Twitter buttons? How will they behave?
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