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What is 'Facebook at Work'? Do you know about it?
Facebook at Work is a device for co-employees to impart and work together in an expert environment on Facebook. Facebook at Work gives you a chance to make a work account that is partitioned from your individual Facebook account. With a Facebook at Work acc...

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Ever wondered how to remove twitter followers that are not following back especially if they are many?
Hi Readers, I was just fooling around on the internet looking for better ways to make things better when i stumbled on this info. Actually, i have been lookig for a way to massively flush out those twitter followers that do not follow back. So I began to lo...

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Do you know about the MTN BETTER ME BUNDLE?
MTN has recently
introduced a new bundle plan which they call the ’Better me bundles’. It comes in three
varieties: 1. The first is called
the DAILY BUNDLE: When you buy this bundle, you will get20 minutes of call time
to all networks, 15MB, 35sms. This dai...

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Make money on Fiverr doing Transcription service
Hello readers,                Today, I am going to share one of the ways of making money on fiverr doing a particular service called transcription. My last post was on how you can maximize your fiverr earning this 2015 taking into consideration the ten thin...

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In the prescience
See them moving up and down the streets Probably in scout for some seats Or maybe in a bid to get some sweets Whatever, trying to meet their heartfelt
needs With bags hoisted on the back And books clenched in fist They walk daring not to look back Everybody...

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Faith or fate
How nice is it? How compliant are its deeds? Would you say sweet? Or would yell
pissed! Don’t good men
fall? And cruel ones
rise Don’t good ones
die? And the bad
shine Humans are
grains on a tray Picked in a
random way And once it is
your day You’ve got no
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