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Marco Campana
Communications in social services/for social change, immigration, integration and diversity issues in Toronto.
Communications in social services/for social change, immigration, integration and diversity issues in Toronto.

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Today is refugee rights day.

This presentation, by Tara Horn of the Burma Action Committee, from a Portland, OR Ignite event in 2009 is still one of the most powerful presentations I’ve seen about what it means to be a refugee.

Pay attention to the cuts the federal government is making to refugee health. Doctors and health care professionals are actively advocating on behalf of refugees. They want these cuts stopped. They should be stopped.

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Yeah, we don't need unions... "230 employees... will be fired once the company has trained their replacements"

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This is pretty awesome.
This is such a great idea. After you wipe the tears of joy from your eyes, please press SHARE and get this project some attention and love, okay? 

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A fun, sunny day at the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto. 
Spring Has Sprung - At The Brickworks
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I have a feeling this would be worth the time and money...
Excited to open our new SideraWorks Pro webinar for registration!

Learn about overcoming barriers to collaboration, including some surprising things we've learned in the trenches with our clients building these programs.

It's a steal at $25 since it includes the on-demand recording and the companion eBook. Register today!

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Useful, check it out. 
The first video, Planning Your Content, in my free three-part video series on writing #nonprofit #website content is now available to those who sign up here >>

The next two videos in the series, coming very soon:
Lesson Two: 10 rookie mistakes to avoid when writing website copy
Lesson Three: Your questions about writing nonprofit websites, answered


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Unlikely to be popular for consumers, AKA CUSTOMERS! "The Canadian Media Production Association, which represents independent producers of English films and television shows, recently told a Senate committee that new rules are needed to address the threat posed by popular Internet video services such as Netflix. The CMPA argued that a "level playing field" is needed to ensure that there is "choice, diversity and growth in a more open market place."

Consumers could be forgiven for thinking that the entry of Netflix into Canada has increased choice, diversity, and growth, yet the CMPA wants new rules that would raise costs and impose regulatory requirements on online video providers."
Canadian Media Production and Music Groups Calls for New Rules for Netflix, Google, ISPs

Canadians love Internet success stories such as Netflix and Google as recent data indicates that millions now subscribe to the online video service and Google is the undisputed leader in search and online advertising. The changing marketplace may be a boon to consumers, but my weekly technology law column notes that it also breeds calls for increased Internet regulation. That is particularly true in the content industry, with the film and music sectors recently calling for rules that would target online video services, Internet providers, and search engines.

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Some thoughts on the state of trust in Canadian institutions and how Canadian nonprofits and charities rock.

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A few reports about trust in institutions recently, this one definitely worth a look for charities and nonprofits. 

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