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Six Pack Shortcuts & Abs After 40
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*General Strategies for Overcoming Injuries
*Preventing Common Injuries
*Stretching and Recovery
*Dealing with Common Injuries
*Overcoming Muscle Soreness
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Save Big On Taking Your Training To The Next Level
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5 Guilt Free Junk Food Substitutes For Faster Weight Loss:
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Meal Prep Monday as easy as possible:
A lot of us don't have the time to devote to meal planning, buying groceries, and cooking (even though we can essentially lock it down to an hour or two per week!) - And that's totally understandable.... so here are the healthier options you can choose when you're on the run or don't have a large refrigerator or cooking utensils. This way you can get six pack abs no matter what your circumstances are.
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Enjoy your football and keep on track for your fitness goals!
Fall is my favorite season... the leaves changing, the start of the holidays, pumpkin everything and, of course, FOOTBALL. Growing up I can remember watching the Green Bay Packers every Sunday with
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3 Easy Tricks To Burn Fat And Reveal Your Six Pack Abs
Hi again! Mark here, senior trainer at the most subscribed fitness channel on YouTube and specialist in getting men over 40 six pack abs. On the previous page, I explained why men over 40 (especially those with about 20lbs of belly fat or less to lose) must train differently than other guys.
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The behind the scenes of these guys are almost as funny as the movies they star in...
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Be able to do 3 sets 15 chin-ups none stop
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True wisdom, right there.
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Get FIt, Live Heathy, TRAIN HARD!
Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the Six Pack Shortcuts Google Plus business page! Please check out all our free resources. Six Pack Shortcuts is the fastest most effective way to build muscle, burn belly fat, and get a ripped body and six pack abs! 

Here on the Google Plus page I will post FREE workout videos and articles that you can take advantage of to help you begin your journey of getting a ripped body! 

If you have any questions about working out or how to live a healthier lifestyle.. just ask. Im here to help want want to help as many people as possible!

Im sure many of you are familiar with my YouTube channel! I want you to know there will be much more community involvement here on Google Plus! I will be answering your questions personally and promptly! 

If you are reading this you have already found the page which is awesome, and I am very grateful! Please add me to your circles and post questions so my self and the community here can answer you and help you achieve all of your fitness goals! 

Even if you are new to working out you can take a lot of what you learn here to help you get started. One day I would really love to train you, but first I want you to take the time that you need to make sure that this is the program for you, and feel confident that I am the trainer that will help you achieve the body of your dreams.

Here's some specifics about the Six Pack Shortcuts program....

There are 4 phases in the Six Pack Shortcuts Program!

In Phase I, I am going to show you how to replace your excess body fat with lean muscle. This will in turn raise your metabolism so you are burning more calories on the daily basis.

In Phase II, I am going to assist in in burning off all that stubborn body fat, so you can have a flat and toned stomach!

In Phase III, I am going to show you how to build up your core muscles and finally reveal your SIX PACK ABS!

And in Phase IV, I am going to show you how to maintain the ripped body you have achieved in the first 3 phases! From now on people will say WOW everytime you take off your shirt!

I keep my client base low so I can offer all of my clients the one on one attention and support they deserve. I include unlimited 1-on-1 email and phone support so if you every have any questions you can contact me and I will advise you promptly!

It's simple, it's proven to work, and you get results FAST. And I'll be in your corner every step of the way, mentoring and motivating you until you have the body you've always wanted.

Follow this link to learn more about membership!!!