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Train Smart!


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We switched it up a little for this video shoot. We can't wait to share this one with you guys!
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I’m gonna share with you a killer lower body workout to build muscle. This is a great workout that you can do right at home especially if you don't have access to a gym.

10 reps each of Body Weight Squats, lunges, stiff leg dead-lifts, 20 high knees.

Jumping Barbell Squats - 10 reps
Jumping Barbell Lunges - 10 reps (each leg)
Stiff One Legged Deadlift - 10 reps each leg
Barbell High Knees - 25

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EXPLOSIVE 9 Min Home Workout

Here's a simple yet challenging bodyweight workout you can start off with, I hope you all enjoy.
Here's how to do the exercises:

LEG RAISE PUSHUPS -- Raise one leg in the air and do a pushup as normal. This makes it a lot more challenging, and works more muscle groups than the standard pushup.

AIR JACKS -- Just like a jumping jack, except your feet don't touch the ground on the outside. Flare your arms and legs outwards just like a jumping jack, and bring them back together before you touch the ground.

BODY WEIGHT SQUATS: Put your weight on your heels, and bend at your knees keeping your back straight and sticking your butt outwards. Bend to 90 degrees and come back up if you're a beginner, if you're advanced and want to challenge yourself. Go a little deeper but make sure you don't hurt yourself or pull anything.

JUMPING KNEE TUCKS: Here's something simple yet brutal. Jump in the air as high as you can, and tuck your knees into your chest. Make sure you land light and not on your heel, practice it and always be safe.


Do each exercise for 30 seconds and take 15 seconds rest, then do it again. I use a Gymboss timer to time my sets, use this or something similar to ensure you aren't tempted to take extra rest time.

1st 8 sets: alternate leg raise pushups and air jacks (4 sets each)
2nd 8 sets: alternate body weight squats and jumping knee tucks (4 sets each)

And that's it! Leave me a comment to let me know how you did with the workout
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Do This One Exercise To Get Massive Biceps

Even if you have a lot of good size, but want to shape them out more and really get that peak to pop out, you have to do this exercise. And it is: Incline Dumbbell Alternating Curls. Tricks like this can help you get the most out of your workouts and they can also get you well on your way to the ripped muscular body of your dreams.

3 Things to remember with this exercise:
#1) Extreme Range of Motion
#2) Increase Time Under Tension
#3) Modified Angle

Extreme Range of Motion:
What I mean by this is when you're doing a bicep curl, instead of just going up then back down you need to try to go as far as you can in each motion. You need to think about your whole bicep and try activating all muscle fibers from the top all the way to the bottom.

Most guys don't work the whole bicep by missing extreme range of motion. It doesn't matter how much you're curling, if you're not activating all of your muscle fibers, then they aren't doing the work and no progress is being made.

So this Extreme Range of Motion allows you to:
- Activate more muscle fibers, which basically results in building more muscle AND
- Isolate the biceps to prevent cheating

No Rocking - aka "Disco Dancing"!
When you cheat and rock back and forth you're using a lot of momentum, pretty much allowing your other muscles to do the work for your biceps - NO GOOD

Doing an inclined position helps to eliminate that problem - here is the movement:
- Sit back on an incline bench with open palms
- Curl up then back down, remember that when you come down you're not just resting you're locking your triceps

Hold your down position tight - Palms are open and your triceps are locked as you curl the other side up and bring it back down then locking in that arm's down position while you alternate to your other arm.

By doing that you're activating those muscle fibers and eliminating any type of cheating or rocking.

Increasing Time Under Tension:
The longer the time under tension (TUT) the more work your biceps do. You're increasing the TUT the moment you have your palms open and the moment you lock your triceps. In doing this you're forcing constant stress on that muscle, which allows you to do more work in less time.

So, say your set lasts for 30 seconds for both arm but you're resting in between, then you aren't getting a full 30 seconds worth of work in each arm, more like half of that which is only 15 seconds. If you want bigger biceps you've got to make them do the work!

Modified Angle:
Typically people curl just up and down, but this incline position puts you at a new angle that allows you to break plateaus by stimulating your biceps a lot differently and in a way you aren't used to.

Here's the CATCH to these 3 tricks: You will need to LIGHTEN up your typical weight.
Using too light of weight will not get you bigger biceps, but in using this technique expect to use lighter weights to achieve the correct form and work the ENTIRE muscle.

So, in the bicep workout that I will be posting in a couple days, that's why we will start with the 5 sets of the Incline Dumbbell Alternating Curls, this will get your muscles activated before moving on to the 8 sets of heavy-heavy barbell curls, which will build your mass and then supersetting that with Incline Dumbbell Curls again, but this time with both arms.

Remember: If your muscle fibers aren't activated, then you're not going to work them! This concept is for EVERY exercise you do, you don't want your other muscles compensating, our goal is to work the muscles we want to work.
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Do "Mass Gainers" Make You FAT?

The most important thing to remember while on a weight gainer diet is to.... TRAIN HARD! If you are not working out with a scheduled and regimented routine you are just going to be storing tons of excess calories making you fat instead of ripped!

Now once you start to pack on your extra muscle, switch over to getting all of your calories and nutrients from REAL foods. First of all your body is way more receptive to receiving its nutrients in this form opposed to concentrated supplements, but also I know you will enjoy your life way more meal to meal.... rather than shake to shake.

So here are the two major point I hope you take away...

Pack on the calories in any way possible!

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Dietary fat guide to getting six pack abs

Fat. We can’t do much with that word to make it sound any less crappy – and when I say it, I bet you cringe a little because you either think of obese people or that layer of blubber concealing the six pack abs you wish you had. It’s definitely what you need to lose if you want to see your six pack abs – but to get rid of it on your body, you MUST have it in your diet. I’m here to explain to you that FAT DOESN’T NECESSARILY MAKE YOU FAT – unless you’re over-consuming it. Otherwise, it’s the third of the 3 essential macronutrients that you need – ESPECIALLY if you want six pack abs.

Six Pack Abs Need GOOD Fats

Now, there ARE good fats and bad fats. Bad fats – you should definitely avoid at all costs because they are linked to several health conditions including obesity, high triglycerides, bad cholesterol, heart conditions…and they DON’T lead to six pack abs, obviously. These fats consist of trans fats (from hydrogenated oils) and high levels of saturated fats. You can find naturally occurring saturated fats in animal meat, dairy products, and eggs, and also in some vegetable fats like coconut & palm oil (however plant-based saturated fats have actually be shown to have positive effects on cholesterol).

Trans fats and hydrogenated oils are found in foods like desserts (the shortening from oil used has trans fats), fried foods, snack foods like potato chips and even some popcorn, refrigerator dough, creamer, & margarine. These trans fats can make your cholesterol look like it’s been hit by a semi-truck – which can lead to more severe health implications, and of course, added calories and fat tissue that separate you from your dream six pack abs.

While it’s necessary to have a little bit of those naturally occurring saturated fats – your body, and subsequently your abs, will greatly benefit from unsaturated fats. These can be broken down into polyunsaturated & monounsaturated fats. I’m sure you’ve heard of Omega-3s or Omega 3 fatty acids… These have a TON of potential heart benefits and actually help lower your cholesterol & triglycerides. You can get these from fattier fish sources (which we do recommend a few servings of per week…Salmon, anyone?).

Other great sources of unsaturated fats are vegetable oils like extra virgin olive oil, avocados, and chia seeds. Healthy (in moderation) sources of saturated fats are yogurt, cheese, nuts, coconut/coconut oil, eggs, and dark chocolate. Don’t forget, I said IN MODERATION.
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Crazy 3 Min Home Abs Workout

Here's a quick but effective ab workout that I will sometimes end workouts with. It's great because it's simple, it's quick, it requires minimal equipment, and it REALLY hits your abs. It's also inspired by MMA conditioning exercises, so it gives you great functional core strength as well.

Here's what you'll be doing:

10 Toe Touches
10 V-Sits
10 Triangles

Do all 3 exercises back to back. Repeat the entire superset 3 times, with 1 minute rest between sets.

Exercise tips:

TOE TOUCHES: Keep your arms and legs extended out as far as possible while lying on your back. Move slowly in the extended position. You can use a medicine ball, but any weighted object (dumbbell, weight plate, etc.) will work.

V-SIT: A Muay Thai conditioning exercise. Sit balanced with your feet and upper body off the floor in the starting position. Extend your body straight as much as possible without touching your shoulders or feet to the floor, then explosively contract your abs to move forward.

TRIANGLES: Inspired by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submission (the triangle). Coaches will often make students drill this move to build the ab endurance necessary to effectively secure the choke. The key is to shoot your legs up and elevate your body, until you are almost standing vertically on your shoulders. Visualize putting your footprints on the ceiling. Rock back as little as possible -- initiate the movement from your abs without the help of momentum.

Try this workout out, and LEAVE ME A COMMENT with your thoughts!
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Could Bodybuilding Be Making You Fat?

The goal of bodybuilders is to put on as much muscle as possible... Which puts them in the Bulking Phase, a phase most people never get out of.

#1 Mistake
You are under the impression that you must eat 6 meals a day religiously no matter if you are hungry or not. This mistake is the number 1 reason why there are so many fat bulky guys out there.

#2 Mistake
You constantly eat and make sure you never go hungry because you fear that if you do, your body is going into a "Catabolic State". Catabolic state is where your body burns off muscle for energy.

#3 Mistake
Taking in too much supplements such as the pre-workouts, post-workouts carbohydrates, during workouts drinks, post-workout shakes and mass gainer supplements will definitely put on some extra weight. Too much of anything is not always a good thing.


Avoid Little man syndrome and don't compare yourself to the pros. Many guys try to diet and stay lean, but end up just bulking up again. The reason for this is because we are always trying to get our body parts bigger, and when we come to the realization that with leaning down we are actually getting smaller we get freaked out.

What you must do is not worry about being smaller and realize that you are training to look better. Again, do not compare yourself with the pro bodybuilders.

You really don't have to eat massive amounts of food, you only really have to eat when you're hungry. A lot of us make the mistake of eating just to satisfy our mental hunger. What I mean is that, sometimes after a big leg workout and I'm feeling sore all over. I tend to eat more thinking that my body needs it and that it's only going to be used to heal my body. This is totally not true. Eating all this extra food will only make you fat.

Make sure you are not drinking mass gainers and protein shakes with regular meals. Some of the supplements are actually meal replacements and if you are eating drinking supplements, it's like eating 2 or 3 meals at once.

Stay at a lower bodyfat level by dropping some weight, you will look better and actually bigger. Another huge tip is that at around 10% body fat you are able to grow the most amount of muscle. Body fat surrounds the muscles in the body, and with high body fat, it restricts your muscles from growing.

So be cautious with your eating when it come to a bodybuilding lifestyle. One advice that I was told by a pro builder was to always maintain a six pack even when I'm trying to bulk up. Use my six pack as a metric system to guide my limits, and when I'm noticing that my abs are fading, it's time to stop the bulking cycle.
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This is a great workout to start doing at home if you don’t have a gym membership, when you don’t have time to go to the gym, or when you’re traveling and don’t have any gym access.
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