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Andrew Hennessey
Scottish Andrew - Creating Scottish Culture
Scottish Andrew - Creating Scottish Culture


twenty years into the 21st century and still no disclosure or real exopolitics

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Castaland hill, Rosyth, Bunker at Craill, RAF Command Pitreavie, Scotland - some quite extensive DUMBs
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Welcome to the Cloneyards of General McXorg the first choice for quality DNA replicas. We stock a tapestry of raw power and DNA tartan from the best, most resilient fighters and creative thinkers of the human Scottish epoch of planet Earth.
Special attention has been paid to the provenance of each of our mixtures and whether it is for strategic, recreational, gastronomical or population augmentation purposes let us supply you with the very best high specification, ultra low entropy clones.
There is a long and proud tradition in Scotland of producing elite fighting units and heroes; e.g. the Guard Ecosse, Highland Clans, and important leaders and military leaders such as; Wallace and Bruce, MacGregor and Blair.
During the latter days of their conscriptions into Imperial service, it was always ‘the Jocks' who were sent in to war zones to carry the hour in times of distress.

The era of physical and psychological extension into three dimensional software, social infrastructure and tool use in Scotland [Sol 3] has produced an explosion of creative intelligence and problem solving powered by Scottish DNA unsurpassed anywhere on that planet per demographic grouping in any era of its social simulations.
Claymore Industries is in exclusive licensed possession of the Zeta Reticulan Scottish DNA Genius Inventory and Toolkit collected from many time periods of careful farming through several industrial, cultural and military revolutions and paradigm shifts.
These include; 1. Carnegie and Buick, industrialist and vehicle manufacture, 2. Smith; economic theory, 3. Logie Baird, Bell, Maxwell; media and communications, 4. Watt; engine for industrial revolution, 5. Patterson; banking system, 6. MacAdam, Dunlop; infrastructure enhancement, 7. Young Simpson, Fleming; Medical advances, 8. Napier; mathematics and computation, 9. MacMillan; ergonomic unpowered transportation, 10. MacIntosh; climate resistant apparel, 11. Paul Jones; Naval Strategist, 12. Ferguson; innovative military technology. 13. Burns; ecumenical literature. 14. Ramsay, Renne MacIntosh; architecture and interior design. 15. Telford; engineering and infrastructure design.
Claymore Industries can guarantee that little bit extra in your order.

Our basic silver DNA unit package comes equipped with the ultra cooled galaxy class cybernetic implants that can be introduced to augment functionality in your military industrial complex, or agricultural economy.
Our Silver Model incorporates the firewire x hub to facilitate the introduction of either prepackaged or custom skillsets.
Let our consultants guide you round our range of skillsets that are certified sanitised by Orion Treaty Standards and fully meet the Board of Ethos and Empathy Requirements BEER7014 Certificate.
The Nova Award winning military ops range starts with our Gold Model. With specially selected DNA from the best Scottish combatants in the human epoch of physical extension, view these mixtures in historic action utilising the Zeta Matrix Viewer [tm].
Our Z Matrix search engine can find the human model that typifies the qualities and characteristics needed for your campaign.
The Gold Model comes equipped with the ZM Network Card as standard running on the Microsoft Zeta Pro [ZP] operating system which can allow for tactical or strategic intercessions in large groupings and functional skillset combinations and recombinations.
Note that due to the high demand for the Wallace mixture and several pending lawsuits filed by the Caledonia Corporation it may not be possible to fulfil orders for the Wallace Mixture due to a termination of tenure under the Designs and Patent Act of the Inter Galactic Court under terms of the new trading agreements of the Supercluster Network.
Free with every order over 100,000 of the Clan Bruce Mixture is a 5 equinox membership of the LUX GROUP.
The Scottish LUX GROUP soul fragment repository supplies the turbo for that occasion you need that little bit extra from your Clone Mixture.
In officer class situations where your units are operating under battle stress or even as high class Chefs in a kitchen - the soul juice reserve can give you the edge over your opponents.
Members of the LUX GROUP also qualify for access to the ZX soul fragment repository which comprise the proceeds of the harvesting phase of ten Zeta Reticulan incursions in four galaxies.
This facility though does not reside on the Homebase of Claymore Industries.
Our platinum model comes equipped with a range of psionic scanners and high tech processing plus strategic and tactical research and analysis capabilities.
Eight out of Ten campaigns supplied by McXorg Platinum Clones have been logistically successful as they incorporate a unique patented military game theory as standard and were deployed sensibly.
Take out our interest free loan on the Platinum, offer valid for 5 centons and we will equip you with an all gold High Command Set at 70% Discount.
We want you to enjoy each DNA mixture in perfect condition but should it not perform to contractual specifications please return it and our fully qualified team of experts will run diagnostics to determine the cause of failure.
Claymore Industries take every care in the manufacture of the organic based Scottish replicants but on occasion nuts or other allergens can intrude into the factory process increasing the entropy within the gestation process.
Should the fault be determined by our consultants to be with us - we shall return the capital investment, but our decision on fault is final and legally binding.
The Scottish models have a proven track record in combat and creative activity and our industrial low entropy gestation process allows for a very high specification performance in the field.
The context and nature of the deployment of the McXorg Replica is not under our control.
Visit our Scotland Shop
For the complete range of Scottish cultural artefacts transmatted and patterned to order from our hologram database visit the Claymore Centre to get the spirit of Scotland.
Please also note that the full range of Scottish Whiskeys with molecular resolution to 10 to the 17 the highest intergalactic trading specification can be obtained from our Specialist shop.
Where to Stay in the Claymore System.
While you are here visit our Hebridean Hotels and enjoy a game of Interstellar Golf. The traditional stick and ball game of choice by Scottish and Nibiru/Earth executives it was played in a highly cultured and entertaining parkland.
About Golf.
Golf is a sport that is thought to have originated in the Middle Ages as one of the many ball and stick games. However, the game of golf took root and developed in Scotland and it was in the 18th century that it spread to the rest of the world.
In 1554 AD in Leith, Edinburgh there is a reference to ‘the Cordiners and Gowf Ball Manufacturers of North Leith.' Cordiners were shoemakers and leather workers, so it would follow that they were making leather cased golf balls. The Leith Links golf course itself was one of the very first of its kind in Scotland.
In 1724 golf balls were stuffed with feathers, in circa 1848 they were the solid gutta percha (gum and cloth) make, in 1901 they were rubber cored, in 1905 William Taylor patented the dimple pattern, and from the 1920's onward the standards would be regularly refined till in 1981 the governing body the R & A - the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, made the 1.68 inch ball mandatory as of 1982.
The game has been played with clubs made of various materials that over the centuries became progressively more lightweight and resilient. The traditional wooden clubs from the early long nosed clubs of the 17th century progressed through the Persimmon woods of the 1890's to steel shafted in 1929 to alloys in the 1960's to carbon and graphite in the 1970's.
These later clubs and their intended usage on the course were crafted with the use of; high technology wind tunnels and the scientific study of anatomy, human physiology and ergonomics and video images on various computer simulations that encompassed factors such as; terrain, weathering and fabric fatigue on modelling software.
In the late 20th Century, Golf had effectively become a hi tek industry on the cutting edge of materials development.
Then in 1993 AD in North Leith during an alien encounter with a strange civilisation that alleged that it had intentions to redevelop some of the ideas, artefacts and materials from the human era, I was told by a being that materialised in my flat that they wanted me to think of all the beautiful things that meant Scotland to me.
That if I could think of ways that these social ideas could be less tainted and used to serve the common good of a real civilisation that they would be used in reality and redeveloped on a massive scale.
Ideas both comical and tragic held me as threads that were uniquely Scottish were lifted directly from my own awestruck mind. By some process unknown they spun a tapestry of wonder in my mind and soul. It was as if I was hooked up to some enormous database of; art, fabric, texture and forms and that I was searching for relevance amongst the Scottish section.
There were battles and bloodshed, Kings and crowns and artefacts, pictures of castles and traditional cultural things, Inventions that were Scottish, geography and places, indigenous wildlife, tartans and textures, cultural art and design, tweeds and geology, food and drink, games and sports - someone had been doing a lot of research.
Nothing beautiful would ever be wasted. And then to me came the image of a game that I have never possessed the worldly wealth or physique to play - a game that originated in Scotland - and I realised the scope and potential of this enterprise for, Interstellar it could be, Universal it could be. I was shown beings playing Golf.
All species of every physique, size and strength could play this game against one another because it is a game that does not require physical contact, yet retains a communal appeal, being a celebration both of skill and the natural beauty of the environment.
They say all non-human beings can do amazing things with mind over matter and mastery of time and space. In the time it takes a human to hit a golf ball to a green on Earth a non-human being could run between the tee and the green maybe one hundred times they said, but then I realised that if these super-enhanced perceptions could be handicapped by some sort of handicapping system then the game of Interstellar Golf would then become a relationship between; the spirit of the golfer, and, the environment of the golf course. Thus the interstellar game was not merely a hole in one every time.
Golf then becomes a celebration of spirit and natural beauty not merely a non-human opportunity to annul and supersede the natural process.
There would simply need to be an appropriate handicapping system so that a big beings hardest hit would not send the ball into orbit and a small beings hardest hit would go far (relative to a human social and biological scale.)
I imagined the image of a golf ball floating by itself as if full of technology, then realised that by a system of physical data, and weights and measures supplied by each participating culture that Computers could analyse Beings by weight and mass within and between species.
This golf ball droid, its flight data, momentum and spin etc could be calibrated relative to a human standard of amateur and professional musculature and performance.
A handicapping system could enable the smallest being to play against the largest, where the flying robot ball could be braked in flight by controlled instructions from the computer if it was hit by a large physically powerful Being, and, augmented in speed if hit by a small lighter Being.
Not every being within the same species would necessarily qualify for the maximum level of data enhancement and there would need to be some regulatory process to deal with relative social weightings such as lifestyle factors.
For example; ET's who party too much would have that lifestyle translated into human Bio-logic, or, ET's who meditated and focussed on the Spirit would increase their game performance because of the greater abundance of Life force that would naturally occur within their Bio-logic. etc
I smiled when I realised that Golf could be made into a Universal game - a Scottish contribution to the Civilisations of the Cosmos of eternal proportions.
There would need to be new golf courses on every planet I enthused, Championships and Tournaments, merchandising and fashions, trophies made out of various Scottish semi-precious rocks.
There could be franchises for the manufacture of clubs that were suitable for certain ET species but which did not contravene the Royal and Ancient guidelines.
Then I realised that the golf ball itself by use of a hard holographic interphase could mutate in flight to adapt its scale to the scale and proportions of any course. I then realised that on other planets, gravity was going to be a factor too ... and that the relative human gravity standard should be taken from the first Tee of the Old Course at St Andrew's Golf Course, Scotland.
Realising that with a technological golf ball such things were possible and that interstellar technology could make all sorts of theatre possible on golf courses that do not happen now on Earth, I then had the idea that the game could also be played at night.
Golf Courses and trees and shrubs could be lit up with theatrical lighting of golds and violets and reds and blues, and fairways and green could have very subtle lighting - such that the golf course was a place of artistic splendour.
In this environment, the golf ball itself could be made by various settings by vocal declaration to illuminate to various degrees and in different colours and would also be able to emanate signals so that it could be variously tracked and located amongst the darker but beautifully lit undergrowth.
Also, in the era of mankind, Golf was initially incorporated as a gentleman's social and then networking pursuit and would laterally attract criticism for ‘spoiling a good walk'.
This old joke referred to the somewhat sedate parklands of its usual settings. However with the aid of fast space age gravity defying technological conveyances, golf could be played in extreme landscapes full of scenic splendour. There could be some very challenging shots off cliff-tops, canyons and waterfalls, or pitching up steep mountainous inclines to nested greens and bunkers.
This would require organisation and co-operation, design and artistry, regulation and creativity and lots and lots of enthusiasm.
There is a whole Universe of wonderful golfers out there waiting to tee off. The sport of golf itself and its first code of rules in 1744AD from the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers evolved, and by the period of governance of the R&A, after the inception of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club as the games governing body in 1897 AD, it then went through various incarnations of the Rules of Golf up to and including the Rolex sponsored R&A Rules of Golf Book of 2004AD
It only becomes a matter of time then till the Interstellar Rules of Golf Code is on the agenda at the AGM of the R&A given the influx of non-humanity on the planet and the increasing falsification of the game by superhuman powers, processes and technologies.
The game of Golf was invented by Humanity in Scotland, but without the participation of human beings in the future it can grow to become one of the most important tools of interstellar and interspecies dialogue.
It may become one of Scotland's greatest gifts to the Universe.
Headquarters of Claymore Industries (Clone Division) and under the Management of General McXorg, Calgacus is named after an ancient Scottish Warrior and means ‘the swordsman' in ancient tribal tongue.
The second security check zone here will not be as thorough as the vetting at the park and ride space-dock on the edge of the Claymore System.
Many of the ancillary R&D Bio-medical, Bio-mechanical and Bio-etheric institutes of Claymore (Clones) have their roll out deployments there in many of the factorial assets that sit on the planet.
Amongst the rolling parklands of the Research Park is the Calgacus Leisure Centre a large multi-functional recreational zone where all kinds of leisure pursuits may be enjoyed.
The Visitor recreation zone also has its own Multi-racial, multi atmosphere recreational facility that can cater for the natural and unaided use of class1 - class 6 respiratory systems amongst the galactic races.
An assigned taxi pass will take you through a pre-arranged itinery of Silver, Gold and Platinum test drives in various environments and many of the simulations you will see have been carefully constructed to simulate natural working or battle environments.
The wargame demonstrations in extreme environmental ecosystems on Calgacus will enable you to personally test the tolerances for error within the Claymore replicant and you may access the supplied performance research data via network uplink and Microsoft Zeta Pro at any time.
There is an elite army of Claymore Special Forces permanently stationed there maintaining security around the operational time space portal centred at a facility in the Cuillen Mountains and also to attend to any contingencies that may arise.
They can also act as consultants on your state of the art military and security requirements for your new purchases.
The Zeta Matrix Viewer [tm] is situated in a cinematic complex where you may access the library data from the Earth and Scottish matrix.
Our legal department is there to supply and enforce industrial disputes and specialises in debt recovery, financial and other assistance.
Your visit will be attended by an assigned consultant and customer services relations officer to talk through repayment strategies and has a hyperlink to the Galactic Reserve Bank, Corporate Services and Trades.
The Claymore Industries Planetary Security Package PSP-02W2L comprises resilient shield generators around all the major facilities plus the famous stealth time space displacement array.
Incoming starships can usually detect the signature of the planet and its displacement and composition as a mountain in time space. These slightly and naturally fluctuating signatures from the planet are captured by a ring of satellites which then generate a masking camouflage in time space to disguise the planet as a navigable destination.
These satellites also capture image data of the planet which they then process as a photon hologram to very high resolution.
Further, the Claymore Industries 02 PSP Array comprises of a matrix of holographic generators in and around and adjacent to the solar system
to which both the image data and the time-space signature data can be randomly broadcast such that any arriving ships would be unlikely to quickly detect the locality of the real planet.
Invading ships homing onto planetary signatures would be directed into a kill zone rather than to the locality of the planet.
The entire Claymore Solar System therefore appears to jump about everywhere to the majority of scanners and visual perception.
Starheart warp jumping and sabotage is also policed in the Claymore System by a strategic Imperial Scanning System first developed by Claymore Industries.
This life sustaining planet is used by Claymore Industries to manufacture the Oxygen and Water supplies and farmed nutrition for the Claymore Solar System and its Cloning and Defence facilities.
Very large hydroponics farming, oxygen and pure water supplies from its factorial infrastructure are constantly monitored and tested for purity and the planet boasts a large freighter star port.
This planet is solely used for the Cloning, education and outfitting of the Claymore Industries Silver Replicant.
Its factories are off limits to non-Claymore corporation personnel.
It has two freight starports.


This planet is solely used for the Cloning, education and outfitting of the Claymore Industries Gold Replicant.
Its factories are off limits to non-Claymore personnel and also restricted to the Science Corps of Claymore.
It has five Freight and Troop Carrier starports to facilitate rapid deployment.

This planet is solely used for the Cloning, research, education, testing and development of the Claymore Industries Platinum Replicant Model.
This planet is strictly off limits to anyone who does not have Claymore LUX clearance.
The planet has two starports, one used strictly for LUX club access.
This planet specialises in catering for a broad range of tastes in protein and DNA mixtures including hybrid plant proteins e.g. the blood orange.
A famous Gastronomical expert from the ‘can cook and does' show on the Galactic weekly digest channel is in charge of the packaging and rendering processes and is noted for his work on ‘recombinant protein textures and the frozen galaxy' which was available in the Out There bookstores.

This planet specialises in the manufacture of custom Replicant deployment infrastructure and manufactures to order any new or upgraded factory units or space ship and transportation repair.
It boasts two huge space docks and has a massive system of warehousing for spare parts for the Claymore Inventory.

This planet is the base of operations and stockyards of the Claymore industries (Clone Division) Debt Recovery Unit.
Its HQ and Warehouses contain the choice items impounded by Order of the Galactic High Court for funds owed against orders and court actions received.
Many of the Warehoused items are regularly Auctioned at the Public Access Starport on the edge of the Claymore Solar System.
This planet contains five parked, for hire rapid deployment fleets including troop carriers and other infrastructure vessels under various flags.
This planet contains the warehoused emergency stock and ingredients of the Claymore Industries Cloning Process.
Sterile isolated ingredients to Galactic standards provide an insurance against industrial disaster and uncontrolled outbreaks of bio-hazardous events.
This planet contains the Gal-Mart Catalog of Support Droids most used in infrastructure deployments by Claymore Industries.
There is also a special collection of ex-Imperial hardware for rent or for sale.
The selection of droids range from surveillance to combat, to communications and other custom made combinations and skillsets.
Also visit our gallery of agricultural and social services droids specially selected to interface with all the Claymore Replicant range.
This planet contains an Ultra High Security detention facility operating under the Imperial and Commercial penal code regulations, sector 23.
It contains many assets associated with commercial contracts that have become voided. It boasts a magnificent leisure centre and health spa and panoramic views of the solar system.

This planet in the Claymore system also boasts a magnificent leisure centre and health club and recreation sports and multimedia complex and is a facility provided for the Claymore Industries workforce and its guests. It has several Hebridean Hotel complexes within contained environments and enclosed cultured ecosystems and provides an alternative to the facilities on the Claymore HQ planet Calgacus.
It is offlimits to non-Claymore personnel.

This planet contains the Claymore Systems visitors starport, where visitors can officially park their vessels before being assigned to a security protocol and customer services representative.
Security inspections are thorough and supply a class B vetting.
It also has the clearance for galactic freight delivery, and general civilian freight and carriage, and serves as a customer collection point, and a reporting point in the first instance of any irregularities of contract or under-performance of Claymore Industries products.
The planet contains a delivery depot for regular galactic freight traffic.

The Claymore Industries DYNAMIC SOLAR SYSTEM DEFENCE MATRIX comprises state of the art defence against bulk invasion by General Issue galactic hardware.
The hardest hitting and armoured Imperial Class warships though might find little trouble with the process, and also the upgrade of intrusion signatures is maintained by the Imperial Research Division.
The DSSDM includes an adaptive counter defence against invasion that also incorporates retro active time space engineering for damage limitation and recovery.
A matrix produced and co-ordinated by scanners in the solar system provides the backdrop through which many kinds of offensive and defensive devices are continually located and relocated.
There is also fighter assistance from a more conventional custom programmable Droid Navy.

This adapted moon is a facility that contains 50,000 Imperial mk2 Fighter Droid ships. It is essentially a storage rack for robotically controlled intelligence that deploy in groups from every area of the moon's surface.
The facility is staffed by a Claymore Industries Platinum and Gold High Command Set and the tactical adaptations of fighter formation engagements are controlled by the strategic unit elsewhere in the system.
Other assets include a shield generator and limited short range warp capability that can be operated remotely by the Claymore systems strategic defence and communication ganglia.

This adapted moon is a facility that contains the delivery vehicles for a Claymore multi-phasic minefield.
Many attacking ships dropping down the frequencies into the system or on its periphery drop in and out the bandwidth of the material spectrum and can be difficult to hit and target because of their ghost like qualities.
The Claymore mine in the days of Earth was a mine which when exploding sent shrapnel in all directions as an area effect.
Claymore Industries have added a further adaptation to this principle in that the shrapnel is designed to both ascend and descend the adjacent frequencies of the solar system such that some of the devices are likely to hit the evasive variable frequency intruder.
The moon itself comes equipped with its own shield generator and short range warp capability that can enable the moon to be placed by the Strategic Ganglia anywhere within the Claymore system for maximum efficiency deployment of the minefield.
This adapted moon is a facility that contains the delivery vehicles for a time-space disruption bombardment.
The TSD3R mines operate on the principle of submarine depth charges in the high pressure depths of time space. These mines produce large scale energy disruptions of the shield integrity of some of the smaller vessels.
Some ships in the general design of the galaxy coming in and out of warp, arriving and departing can be disorientated and their processes temporarily disrupted enabling smaller Claymore fighter ships to get an efficient lock.
Outgoing exit trajectories can also be disrupted by the TSD3R which is a local and restricted field effect. Properties of local time space disintegrate at the epicentre and can enable smaller ships to penetrate the fluctuating shields of the bigger vessel.
This adapted moon contains both massive shield generators, local warp capability, a CI alpha High Command Set and an enormous power supply capable of sending out a time space reversal over an area of 729 cubic centons.
Controlled use and re-use of this device in combat situations can when co-ordinated with other mobile facilities in the Claymore System's dynamic strategic defence units arsenal - re-run a previously successful incursion, event or arrival in tandem with a newly imported Claymore Defence Unit capable of countermeasures after the fact.
The CI-RBB-3S is soon to be replaced by the CI-RBB-520
This adapted moon is a vital part of the Claymore Systems Dynamic Defence Package. Staffed and Shielded to the highest Imperial specifications the TSCS-41 minutely scans the linear and parallel time space in and around the Claymore System looking for the breaks and displacements in continuity that signal intrusion and other stealth approach in various magnitudes.
The scanning array in the TSCS series is being constantly upgraded - so please check with your dealer for information on the latest model and the latest intrusion signatures and timespace event topographies.

This adapted moon has a generator of enormous power capable of pulsing a huge field of 10 to the power 12 centons creating a rupture and re-emergence of the local timestream from its earlier and previous ingredients. It can be dropped out of a warp by its local engines into the place of maximum damage in some stellar and logistical emergency created by either warfare or an industrial accident.
It works like a lunar eclipse of the sun, where the sun is visible continuity in the timespace that went wrong. The intercession of the DTD device halts the forward linear flow of timespace from its driving source. By blocking out this malfunctioning timespace and discontinuing its attachment to the force of the historically flowing timestream with the DTD-033C, which acts like the moon in an eclipse, the affected area can then have a chance to re-emerge relative to the insurance signature and scanner data supplied by the Claymore Industry Infrastructure Sensors just before things went wrong.
The DTD-033C at present is accurate within the shadow and tidal zone of the prior timestream but cannot guarantee relevance in the penumbra or grey area outwith the maximum impact zone.
Outwith the epicentre of this device the integrity and relevance of the regrowing timespace reality may vary in quality. The accuracy and resolution of sensor data and other local properties of aether inherent in the subatomic ocean of building blocks and their tidal and turbulent inclusions will also contribute to shortfall in damage restoration.
Claymore Industries R&D Division is constantly experimenting with other processes that can make the regrowth of your favourite damaged factory or city more reliable.
This adapted moon contains the hangar and support facility for two class 1 IMPERIAL STAR DESTROYERS.
Claymore Industries prides itself in its Imperial order book and the Senate has reciprocated by stationing two of its hardest hitting ships in this fully autonomous moon.
The class 1 Imperial Star destroyer can punch well above its own weight in this quadrant of the supercluster.
A team of Claymore Platinum units is also stationed there on detached duty.
The Flight hangar also has its own independent shield and warp facility and scanning and security system and can also work in tandem datastream with the Claymore Industries Dynamic Solar System Defence Package. CI-DSSD-05E
These adapted moons have Imperial Heavy Weapons and local warp capability and when activated are rotated on a random pattern throughout the Claymore System by the CI Strategic Defence Ganglia.
It is generally acknowledged that the hardest shielded ship with the punchiest weapons would prevail. In a galaxy of equivalent technologies, though, in a scenario where there is a high volume of invasion ships dropping in and out of large scale formations a combination of shielding, mining and other diversions supplied by the Claymore Dynamic Solar System Defence Package would enable mobile firepower dropping in and out of frequencies around a fleet scattering or deploying in a barrage to score some hits.

This highly shielded moon when operated in conjunction with the Claymore Dynamic Solar System Defence Package receives data from the Time Space Continuity Scanners and generates an area effect of time space stasis.
It can also deploy stealth Imperial Mines on custom frequency sets.
A ship thus blinded and frozen out of the local time space signature inventory might be successfully approached by a stealth mine operating on a frequency set that has been excluded by the custom stasis field generated by the unit.
Some invaders and ad hoc militia will tend to operate with general issue factory parts with known specifications the success of the stealth mine is dependent on Imperial Industry Standards.
With local warp capability it can be used in conjunction with offensive units to freeze and maintain frozen areas of time space around invaders such that the area so governed is locked in stasis.
Behind this area of frozen time space signatures and containment other offensive units can be deployed.
RT3, RT5, RT6T
This moon is a deployment vehicle for the Reverse Time Jump Mine System.
Incoming ships coming out of warp make a splash in time space which produces a signature that can sometimes yield information about its port or place of departure in terms of the temperature and weather and seasons of the tidal aether and other distortions that are introduced by larger structural time space landscapes.
In the galactic status quo, general issue hardware of equivalent specification in large numbers could be an issue for some solar systems that have to deal with incoming carrier ships deploying large numbers of smaller attack craft.
If invading carrier ships deploy in scanner range, then e.g. the RT3 or variable frequency RT6T can be directed by Claymore Solar System Scanners that will rerun their point of entry time space signatures for the time travelling mine with a view to inflicting damage on their technologies.
The Claymore Industries Dynamic Solar System Defence Package deploys time space continuity scanners that register every significant signature as it first makes an impression on the Claymore Solar System.
As we believe that first impressions count we are able to register a very detailed linear chart of every ships material logistics as it proceeds out of hyper space such that the moment and area and co-ordinates of its first arrival can be recreated and fed into a reverse time travelling mine.

This luxuriously equipped adapted moon is a highly shielded and secure space dock for the Imperial Flagship 23 Sector, the Cruiser Lazag.
The Imperial Cruiser would be an unpleasant surprise on its own should there be any major incursion into the Claymore Solar System.
This adapted moon holds the highly shielded Defence Array and the elite staff of the Platinum Command Unit responsible for the Dynamic Defence Deployments and Rotation of Static Defence Units.
It co-ordinates the relocation and re-materialisation of Solar System Defence Facilities in ever changing patterns, locations and frequencies.
It is responsible for linear and planar 3 and 4 dimensional strategy and tactics in and around invading ships.

‘It's a moon .... Honest !!'
Proconsul Zart, Imperial Logistics Corps
Ref. Federal Trade Papers, vol. 23429.11162, edition 1
When asked about the rumours of a massive down-scaling or shrinkage field generator on Endogamy 51 by Irian Fleed, host of the ‘Whats New' show on Galactic Newsweek.

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theres another blue chicken comix 'contact disclosure conference' coming soon tickets $222.00 colonel sanders and his top secret recipe has a lot to answer for

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the greys - what are they up to ???

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The ABC of Getting Older
The ABC of Getting Older By AndrewHennessey When we start
out on the path and into our adult creative life we can generally think of
ourselves as wanting to get from A – our starting point via our personal and
creative skills and attitudes and aptitudes and...
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