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I use the Internet.
I use the Internet.


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For a magazine that invest so much in its covers, it's not clear how they survive the digital transition.

If that doesn't compel you: that photo was taken on our kitchen table! So that's exciting, right?
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So there's this, then.
The Atlantic Tech PLUS
a daily real-time news experiment

We've got a bunch of great stuff coming up this week.

-- +Nicholas Jackson has a piece on the race to the be the 2nd person to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Richard Branson vs. James Cameron vs. some other guy. He's also looking at iPad and Nook sales for magazines. Everybody is building these expensive iPad apps, but just straight PDF magazines are selling well on other platforms, Nick says.

-- +Becca Rosen is back in the saddle. She's going to be looking at some of the proposals for new toilet technology submitted to this new Gates initiative to reinvent the modern human waste disposal mechanism. There's a new issue of Google's Think Quarterly out this morning, too, and she's going to review that as well.

-- +James Somers , one of the most talented young writers out there, has a new piece on how email can be used to teach writing in college. It should be up later this week, and like all of his pieces, has a polish you don't see in much tech writing.

-- +Philip Bump takes a look at how technology has enabled his introversion and how that's a good thing.

--+Lois Parshley 's piece on the historical climate of Washington, DC is almost ready, too.

-- My long-simmering story on gravestone tech, codenamed "Lasers for the Dead," is nearing completion too.

Around the Webs

-- The Techmeme Machine leads (as almost always) with a Techcrunch story. In this case, +MG Siegler 's take on the Facebook iPad app hidden inside the company's iPhone app. "Yes, it’s real, and it’s spectacular (well, very good, at the very least). And yes, it really is right there within the code," MG writes. "Even better, it’s executable." There are even pictures.

-- Wired leads with a +Douglas Wolk feature about comic books on the iPad. He's great. You should read it. Particularly if you are a nerd.

-- Gizmodo has +Kat Hannaford's story on the Facebook iPad app up top.

-- *AllThingsD's +Ina Fried * parses tablet numbers to highlight "there isn’t a large tablet market nearly so much as there is a large iPad market."

-- GigaOM makes an interesting point at the top of their carousel. HTML5, the next-gen markup language for the web, is going to boom over the next 5 years on mobile devices. There should be two billion mobile thingies (phones, tablets, &c) that should be able to display fancypants HTML5 graphics.

The massive, rusting drill left below the city of New York.

DOUBLE BONUS NYT LINK! (via +Nicholas Jackson )
Dwarf Fortress, the most ridiculously complex game.
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No, it's not. BUT. It can help you and your ancestors be remembered forever. So, that's nice.
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Since Jay Rosen sent it out, I may as well, too: my response to his recent essay about CNN's first tentative steps away from "leave it there"-ism.
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