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What are the macros per bar?
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Justin DeMuro

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Hello! This is my G+ account! Feel free to add me to your Circles and I'll add you back :)
I am the one who pulls myself from the nothingness to which I aspire.
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Lyndhurst, NJ
Clifton, NJ - Newark, NJ - Milford, MA
The food here was especially good. We ordered a platter of shish taouk... it was able to feed us both. It included a few diced pieces of PERFECTLY cooked chicken with whatever that delicious sauce is they use that was used in a great proportion to the chicken, a fairly basic salad with very fresh ingredients, and a good sized portion of rice to go with it all. Good stuff. We were pleasantly surprised with the dish. The "hookah master" as I like to call him was a nice guy. We kind of had to go up to him to order our hookah though. Not so bad because he was helpful and kind, especially when he replaced the hose on our unit because we were inhaling some sort of unwanted particle matter from the first one. My chief complaint is that we had two vouchers of $20 value, which their function was a bit unclear to us as we went in (I'll explain later in the review). We didn't know we could order food and hookah, it seemed like it was just a cover. Anyway after I figured out we can also order a plate, I asked The Hookah Master where I can order. He said a waitress should come to our table but she never did. I had to track her down and she was NOT polite or friendly AT ALL. When I asked her to come to the table she seemed very annoyed (we had been there for a while at this point) and when she eventually came to us, she was just plain unpleasant to deal with. Maybe she was having a bad day, maybe her coworker called out on her and she had a lot more tables to wait on, I don't know. Couches are comfy. Atmosphere is very chill except music is a bit dancy and there's no dancefloor except the space around you (the place is very roomy though). Might be good if you're with a group of people. I saw some people dancing. On that note, I'd dress sharp, too. You can go dressed like a schlub but why when you can look MartyMc? It seemed like a good spot to bring some buddies and your respective ladies. Tips: - Each person pays $20 at the door. BRING CASH. They only accept cash (note to the owner: you should really change that! This is the 21st century!) You each get a receipt. Each receipt is worth the amount you paid to get in which can go toward hookah or food, so it's really not a bad deal and you don't have to worry about paying after you're done enjoying your night. It's out of the way. (Unless of course you order more than $20 worth of stuff per person). - It's BYOB, but I think no hard liquor allowed. That may be inaccurate. We brought some burr. - Thugs, tough guys, drug dealers, and NRA members: leave your weaponry and contraband at home. You're thoroughly patted down at the door. Not the ladies though! - Neighborhood isn't so great. On my way out, we were accosted by some guy standing in front of his house. He seemed aggressive. Try to park close and keep to yourself. Hope this review was helpful.
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