Over the past several years, I observed a trend toward playing a fewer number of different games. Part of this is due to a lot of concentrated play on games like Race for the Galaxy and Dominion, but partially it was just an odd sort of inertia. I really like playing a wide variety of games though. So, in 2011 I made an explicit effort to play a greater variety of games, and while total number of games played is down, total number of titles is not, and the titles I did play are less concentrated.

The big hits of the year (though several were played for the first time in 2010) for 2011 were: 7 Wonders, King of Tokyo, Dixit, Spot it! and Ascending Empires. The top repeat hits for the year were Dominion and Space Alert.

2011 Game Stats:

- 241 games played on 109 days
- 163 distinct titles, 52 new-to-me titles
- 106 fellow players
- >*100* games played at home, >*40* at my regular gaming group´╗┐
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