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I played Yinsh today, which I think may actually be my favorite in the Project GIPF set. I've played Dvonn more, but I think the strategic options in Yinsh combined with the fact that Yinsh feels more novel overall give it the edge. I don't own and have only played Gipf itself and Tamsk once or maybe twice each, but otherwise the whole set of games are all really appealing abstracts.

I really enjoy the cleverness of the way Yinsh overlays tactical on-board movement with the get-firve-in-row goal. Most games that try to combine tactical movement with row-making sort of stumble and Yinsh does really well.

In the end, if I'm stack ranking them, I think I'm least happy with Tzaar, but I've also played it the least, so there may be unplumbed depths. So: Yinsh (*A*), Dvonn (*A*), Punct (*A-*), Zertz (*B+*), Tzaar (*B+*).
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