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Optimistic cynic...
Optimistic cynic...

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The Inner Road "Sanctuary"
Welcome back as always fellow progheads!  Last week was a great start to spring and the mood here in the Concert Closet continues to escalate along with the mercury.  This week the search for all things prog goes back across the pond--I remember when this w...

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Gregorian Rock "Fire"
Another seven days around the sun....thanks for finding your way back fellow progheads!  2017 has proven thus far to be a year of doing things differently, and the Closet Concert Arena continues to travel the uncrowded path, this week catching up with a ban...

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Abstract Aprils...Everything
Faithful followers and fellow progheads; welcome back to the Closet Concert Arena!  As February draws to a close, my thoughts have begun to wander a more ambient naturally I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to mosey on back to Missoul...

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Decorating the Concert Closet for the Holidays
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyeux Noel, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Boxing Day, and of course a most boisterious "Festivus for the Rest of Us" fellow progheads!  As you can tell, I am all inclusive here as "Holiday Season 2016" plays out.  And as my loyal fo...

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Thanks for coming back fellow progheads!  Page twelve has been turned on the 2016 calendar as the final grains of sand drop through the neck of the hourglass...quite a year indeed.  As the search for all things prog sets out on the last odyssey of 2016, I a...

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Il Rumore Bianco and the release of "Antropocene"
Eastern Stand Time greetings fellow progheads!  Setting the clocks back is always bittersweet for me; while I love the extra sixty minutes Sunday morning lying prone and unconscious, the pre-dinner sunsets get me feeling melancholy for summer.  The best cur...

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Magrathea...Turning Back the Hands of Time
Hello and welcome back fellow progheads!  Last week's journey to Venezuela was quite the ride; The Viridian Groove was an interesting off shoot into some surrealistic acreage of the prog garden...and this week the search for all things prog goes even furthe...

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Getting Surrealistic with Viridian Groove
Autumn Equinox greetings fellow progheads!  Hard to believe it is that time already...and while I hate to see summer fall off the calendar so soon, I am excited to continue the search for all things prog. Walking through the prog garden I discovered some ne...

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Thank You Scientist
Welcome to the Concert Closet once again fellow progheads!  Leaving the Emerald Isle was bittersweet; Iron Mountain was an absolutely marvelous experience for me.  Of course time marches forward and the search for all things prog continues its weekly explor...

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Iron Mountain
Welcome back fellow progheads!  Despite August having wound down as summer races toward its inevitable end, the sun continues to burn a bright orange hole in the sky.  In an attempt to stretch the solstice as far as possible, I decided to log some serious t...
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