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Just popped a picture up on flickr, you might like it ? Let me know if you prefer the colour or black and white please ! :D

I really need to use G+ more ! Gonna start from now ! I have been following people on here and looking around for ages now !

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I took this photo about a week ago, on a gorgeous evening with +Christian Hurry and started running around all over the place in this lovely field. I got a little bit disappointed as the sun dipped to behind the tree but soon realised that it wouldn't be long until it peeped back our the bottom through the branches.

Now I have a problem when all a sudden amazing things happen; I rush. Bad idea, taking your time and fine tuning your composition is definitely a better idea. But either way, even if your composition was a bit off, cropping into the image during post processing can save bad compositions.

So ...

1. Take your time, don't rush
2. Don't be afraid to crop in post processing

Thanks for reading my ramblings and I hope they are off help, feel free to let me know what you think of my picture. Any help is appreciated :)

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Ok, so I haven't been very good at using G+ much. I need to at least give it some time first before I discard it. I do really like it, especially the circles, just its yet another social media to keep up with !

Either way I'm gonna start posting some tips on how I took each photo I upload, starting with my flickr picture from today.

(Coming up in a bit, just gotta write it !)

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I do like Google + just struggling to have an audience for it to be worth bothering with ...

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I love this picture. I don't think it requires much explaining.

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Stunning night picture !
Sagittarius Overhead.

This photo is proof of how easy night sky photography can be. I was away on a photography trip shooting friends last weekend, and we were hoping for clear skies to do some stargazing. It was cloudy for most of the weekend but we got one good break of half an hour or so. While chatting to my excited friends explaining the night sky to them, I snapped a few photos, only half paying attention. The recipe to create this photo is as follows:

- Dark night sky (admittedly a challenge in most of the US and Western Europe).
- Sturdy tripod.
- Canon 5D MkII.
- Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L lens.
- Zoomed live view assisted manual focus using a bright star.
- 30sec, f2.8, ISO2500, 24mm.
- Self timer to minimise camera shake.
- Processing in Lightroom to enhance contrast, vibrance, white balance and noise reduction.
- Export and upload.

Feel free to ask questions! If you are viewing this on a share, please visit the original post to comment/ask questions.

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I regularly go over Landguard Peninsula to take pictures and sometimes feel I have used up most compositions, yet this one proved me wrong. I really love this composition, and don't believe I have never used it before. But by the time I noticed it, the light wasn't quite right. Hopefully will be able to return another time to capture the scene even better.

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New blog post and photo for today :)
Picture to come up here a bit later !
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