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Overview of NPR's Ethics and Standards
This is NPR and these are the Standards of our Journalism
Standards of Work and characteristics in and out of work (no cursing online)
NPR claims to hold itself to the highest standard of journalism to be fair and just towards the public (National PUBLIC Radio) following these self-enforced guidelines:
Overview - Preaches credibility
Accuracy-Check list
Fairness-Avoid loaded words -Sources should not be surprised by how they're presented-Find best words possible for names of groups/organizations
Completeness-Be aware that this story is probably influenced by another
Honesty - Very thorough, don't even use pseudonyms for anonymous informants. Always present yourself as a member of NPR
Transparency - Revealing information
Putting Principles Into Practice -Guidelines are almost full proof for making one's self credible

"Tries", can fail
Always hold yourself accountable for what is reported
NPR looks to create a more informed public by presenting thorough and honest reporting.
Only produces, acquires and distributes the highest standard of news, info. and content
If you wouldn't say it on NPR, don't say it elsewhere
No "I think"
All Fact
Preaches strong coherence of a subject to tell it as fairly, thoroughly and honestly as possible
Always report truth; never report impartial truths
Completeness-Contest sources
Valuable when important truths are tied with engaging narratives
Fairness is truth, not balanced
Not only important, Journalism is a talent that we should respect and be critical of
We're not always 100%, but our efforts for honest reporting are. If we can do it, you can

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