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Vintage Vanilla. Jewellery. Made with Love.
Vintage Vanilla. Jewellery. Made with Love.


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Create the Look: Bold Tan Chic

The neutrals are back! Beige, khaki and tan are not only extremely practical style trends, but also an of-the-moment colour scheme that's cool and versatile for pretty much any occasion.

The new neutral is bold and chic. Here are some of our 'neutrals' to complement your outfit:

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Create the Look: The Nautical Look

Unleash your inner fashionista with some of the hottest fashion trends. Yes, nautical jewellery is big this year! It's a theme that pops up each season, and it's the fashion favourite again! Create a stunning nautical look with some of our sun and sea inspired nautical necklaces and bracelets. Drift away in the breeze of the ocean...

Get some inspiration how to create the nautical look here

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Contemporary, elegant, timeless, playful chic. The Vintage Vanilla 'Pure Elegance Jewellery Collection'.

Elegant, timeless, contemporary chic. Fluid visual texture and playful luxurious innocence gives the Pure Elegance Collection its chic character. Take a look at this collection here

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The Sun Kiss Necklace by Vintage Vanilla

Kissed by the sun, this necklace radiates the glistening light of sunshine yellow.

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The Aegean Necklace by Vintage Vanilla
The Aegean edition was inspired by clear blue Aegean sea and the reflection of the sky in it.

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The Urban Jungle Necklace by Vintage Vanilla Jewellery Urban Jungle. A bright and colourful necklace. Ideal to spice up an urban look.

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NEW! The Urban Splash necklace by Vintage Vanilla Jewellery
The fusion of vibrant and earthy colours makes Urban Splash a chic fashion statement.

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The Hipster Necklace by Vintage Vanilla Jewellery

Style and fashion is all about you. Matching and mixing colours is a personal choice. Colours that you choose create your very own style! Vintage Vanilla jewellery is very much inspired by colour. Our jewellery is brought to life with vibrantly coloured editions in our Funky Monkey Collection.

The Hipster Necklace

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The Vintage Vanilla Easter Egg Hunt!

We give away 1x FREE Friendship Bracelet each day from 1st - 6th April. Follow the bunny on our website ( to find the Vintage Vanilla Easter Egg Page... Click on the bunny to get one step closer... Once you've found the final bunny... register your email and the first email registration receives a free friendship bracelet. Find and follow the bunny...

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We have put together an online brochure for you to download. The brochure tells our story and showcases our jewellery collections.

Download our Vintage Vanilla Jewellery Brochure here
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