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Love the picture. I hope she lives a long a prosperous life. But if she is "next" , the bullet or knife or bat or etc..... is much more likely to come from a neighbor than a Police Officer. Cops don't make it a habit of shooting children, though there have been a few. Gang bangers don't care who gets in there way , 9 month to 90 years.
In Chicago gang bangers lure 9 year old kids into alleys and kill them. Or they drop an infant with a 9mm because they can't shoot straight. "Wasn't my fault!!! I was shooting at the Crip/Blood/MS13 ". That baby just got in the way.
It was an accident. Can I go now?

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I remember when they were in the rear. The license plate was on a hinge and you had to lift it up to get to the gas cap.

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The photos are beautiful. But I spent 3 hours shoveling the stuff out of my driveway today. The wet , heavy, icy , sleety, mixed with rain type of snow. Time to look for some beach pics from a Caribbean Island now.
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