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I can't wait to PINCH everybody tomorrow!!!! :) :) heeeeeheeeeeheeee <3

AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I found a bunny family in my backyard last night!!! What should I do with them!?!?!! THEY'RE SOOO CAHUUUUUTE!!!!!

What is every1 looking forward to in 2015?!?!?!

EEEEEEEEE!!!! Celebrating Christmas with Flowchart and his mom!!! <3 :D

Taking Mr. Pickles out for a walk!! Goldfish need sunshine 2!!! :) :) :D <3

It's my first Thanksgiving with a BOYFRIEND :) :) :) EEEEEEEE!!!! Happy Gobble Day, everyone!!!

I'm in a sad mood today :( I NEED CUTE PUPPY KITTY PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!

Heeeheee!! Flowchart and I took the next big step of our relationship.........WE GOT A GOLDFISH!!! Ooooh, what should we name him?!?!?!?!?!?

SO SCARED OF CREEPY DOLLS NOW!!!! :( Why did Flowchart and I have to see that movie?!?! :'( I thought there'd be cute little cows in it!!!

Sometimes I'd LOVE to have my own real Nyan Cat, but then I realize I'd probably try to eat him :( :'(
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