Veterans: Thanks For Service, Hands Out To Statements, Skills To Share.Rachel Gaylin Jarrot: Intern With Daddy: Steven R Sheri Jarrot: Trades Online.Glory dazes done:..Regards and concerns, white and black matters, on the mind, today and most of the time. Songs to sing for the masses, songs to sing and dance the nights away, hope hopping searching for places to land.

Gifts to share, acts of kindness to give and take, smiles for the mistakes corrected. Earth angels, girls with red hoods, friends in the woods, giants on land, giant knights. Babes asleep, lost in woods, days to last forever, fairy tales, told. Pages of stories, lots of fun, books to write, pages of lovers, tales online, history also, pages to turns. Lots of laughs, for a knight of the old schools, baby boomers, the rest are too green.
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