Stars of David, nice shades of blue, on the seas of chances to take. Clowns to left, jokers to the right, good times. Basket cases on the beach. Rachel and dead bird, lost in the winds. Sheri and Charles R. Jarrot, 7607778998, crooks with steal from babies. Prey on the beach, watch out for land whales, parties to pay, trades for free wills. Rats and fairy tales, life lessons learned. Mental for a fee.

Views and noses, every one has a nose and a view to share. Views in the mirror, back in time, dances in the rain. Seas of tears spent, paid with time on the cross, and trips to hell with hell hounds. Still standing, with all fingers on my hands, hidden during dazes of hate flying by text. Yesterday history not news today. Crazy, dizzy, rich with laughs to share, about the bumps in the road. Your luck is in now.
Cartoon Hits, For The Races Against the winds, for the sinners and the saints, for the bumps in the roads, for the lessons learned on the paths to greatness. Songs to sing, happy dazes again, glory dazes again, tips and tales in the air. Repair, restore, replace the deeds and actions, you may have done, trades to be done. Lessons learned, not to fail.Balls in the air, classes on the beaches, love and hate, goats and sheep, goat horns, hate and love, horns to blow, dances on the sands of time.Dogwood Trees: Birds in Trees: Birds to Sing, songs and words, maybe not. New Day for the Kind Hearted.. Happiness😸 is a journey not 👎 a destination.

Views and Noses, Past Lives, Past History, Coins To Flip, 12 Views To Check, Clocks Noted. Stupid and dump, common and normal views of the fish in the seas. Lives on the water, lives in the water, lives around the water, beaches to see, love and lights, lives in the nines. Happiness😸 is a journey not 👎 a destination.
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