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Franchise Ball : Baseball Franchise Simulator
Franchise Ball : The Baseball Franchise Simulation Game
Franchise Ball : The Baseball Franchise Simulation Game

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Ken Griffey Jr in HOF!

Franchise Ball wants to formally congratulate the great one, the kid, Ken Griffey Jr, now in the Baseball's Hall of Fame. He set a record in voting, earning 99.3 percent of the vote. Selected No. 1 overall by the Seattle Mariners in the 1987 draft, Griffey becomes the first No. 1 pick to be enshrined at Cooperstown. Congrats to our hometown hero, Ken Griffey Jr!

¤¤ New Bidding Rules ¤¤

We would like to announce that a few adjustments have been made to the bidding process. We strive to make Franchise Ball a game of growth and sustainability for all teams, especially expansion clubs, and the new rules in place should create a more balanced environment to this effect.

1 : The bid protection duration has been raised from 30 days to 90 (3 seasons). This will give expansion teams more time to hold their talent, while money is accumulated through attendance and rewards.

2 : The bid protection limit has been reduced from 600k to 500k. This will guarantee that new teams can hold onto talent players (FTV 9 or higher), without need to promote these players early on.

3 : And finally, we have established a deadline for when top bids can be removed, the 15th of each month. So from the 16th, until when bid players rewarded (the day after the world series), the top bidder on any player will be forced to keep their bid intact, until they are not the top bid anymore. This will promote bid integrity as bidding heats up toward the end of the season.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions, and good luck to all in Season 32!

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Congrats to our latest talented and young champions from Toronto, the Toronto Silverbacks! The Silverbacks dominated their way through the world playoffs, making their mark with a 46-13 record (World Rank of 3). Congrats to the Silverbacks and good luck to all in season 22!

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New World Title Cash Prize!

Each month, a cash prize will be awarded to the Franchise Ball World Champion! Owners must be subscribed to be eligible to receive the prize, so subscribe today if you haven't already. The value of the prize goes up as the game grows. The cash prize value (in U.S. Dollars) is equivalent to the number of current subscribers there are in the game on the day of world series. Note : Owners must be subscribed before the playoffs begin (by the 20th of the month) to be eligible for the cash prize.

Start your own virtual franchise today to become eligible! Its fun and easy to get started :--]

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Congratulations to the proven titans from Seattle, the Seattle Marvols! The world ranked 18 claim the season 18 Franchise Ball World title in this Lake Washington series, in impressive fashion. Coming back down a game to the young Bellevue Jason, the Marvols controlled games 2 and 3, winning their first world title, 5th league, and 12th divisional championship along the way. Congratulations again to the Seattle Marvols, and good luck to all in season 19!

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Congrats to our latest world champions, the Hartford Yankees, on a amazing run this year! Hartford has won 5 League championships and 4 straight, leading up to their blockbuster title in season 17! After being down a game, the Yankees came back to defeat the former world champion Madison Players in an offensively charged world championship. Congrats to the Hartford Yankees, and good luck to all in season 18!

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Franchise Ball Founder Josh Lee spoke at a Seattle Mariners Luncheon ( yesterday about Franchise Ball's origins and features! (Rick Rizz, Voice of the Seattle Mariners, sitting in the foreground)

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