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R.A. Mathis
Author of the novel Ghosts of Babylon
Author of the novel Ghosts of Babylon

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The Next Step in E-Books?
A few years ago, I ran across a Kickstarer campaign for a sci-fi novel called Statisticity. This title was not your typical e-book. It was an enhanced e-book. I wasn't sure what that meant until I watched the video below. It opened my eyes to the potential ...

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           Warm winds and sunny days are close at hand. I love spring.
I also love winter. Here are a few favorite snowy scenes from this season here in Tennessee.            

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Great News!
The release date for Homeland: Falling down has been moved up to February 29th! This date is especially meaningful for our family as it was on February 29th, 2004 that we received the phone call notifying us that my unit was deploying to Iraq. That was a VE...

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Sci-Fi Short Story: 4 A.M. at the Paradise Lost and Found
Just in time for Valentines's Day.         This story is very different than most of my other work. I wrote it a few years ago after my grandfather died of Alzheimer's. Watching him fade away was like watching a hard drive being erased a little at a time. I...

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A Preview of Homeland: Falling Down
First Blood   Monday,
October 26 th Nashville,
Tennessee Eight
Days before the Presidential Election The young man stood on the far left of the crowd
gathered in front of the State Capitol Building, as he was instructed to do. He
had been there for hours. W...

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HOMELAND: Falling Down is Now Available for Pre-Order!
Preorder HOMELAND: Falling Down here ! We thought America would last forever. We were wrong. Riots are daily occurrences in American cities. The dollar plummets when foreign governments refuse to buy American bonds. Coordinated terrorist attacks paralyze th...

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First They Came for the Confederates...
          In a recent article for the Orlando Sentinel , journalist David Whitley cautioned his readers against the current furor of sterilizing our culture of anything offensive (funny this doesn't apply things offensive to Christians, Conservatives, Liber...
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