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concurrent.futures backport updated
It's been a while since I last updated the backport of the concurrent.futures package for Python versions older than 3.2. I was looking at my github repositories and noticed that I wasn't marked as watching the pythonfutures repository. As I viewed the issu...

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APScheduler 3.0 released
The first final version of APScheduler 's 3.0 branch has been released. For the uninitiated, APScheduler is a task scheduling and management system written in Python. Thinking of it as a cron/at daemon running inside your application is not far off, but APS...

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Unit testing SQLAlchemy apps, part 2: the universal method
The problem In an earlier post I presented a method for unit testing SQLAlchemy applications cleanly, without leaving any trace of the tables created during the run of the test suite. However, the problem with this method was that it required the target RDB...

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10 common stumbling blocks for SQLAlchemy newbies
I've been hanging around on #sqlalchemy for years now, helping other users where I could. People come there for help with many different kinds of problems, but after a while, you start seeing common patterns. Certain difficulties seem to persist amongst SQL...
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