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Teri Hansen
A YA novelist, single mother, dream seeker
A YA novelist, single mother, dream seeker

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Last First Kiss
Every girl wants that first kiss to be magical.  The moon is full, the stars are aligned, and Prince Charming is standing in front of you.  A soft breeze blows your hair softly back from your face as he reaches up to hold your cheek lovingly in his hand.  H...

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I love being single. 
Almost everything about it brings peace and joy to my world.  Not only can I stretch out in bed, but I don’t
have to worry about any nocturnal sound which may emit from my body as I
sleep.  I can use the entire closet and
both dressers...

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Rainy Morning
It wakes me from a deep sleep - rain tapping its fingers insistently against my window and the outside wall of my house.  It's not unexpected - I live in the Seattle area.  Rain is nothing new to us.  Actually, growing up in this area, it is a soothing soun...

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Despite the fact that it was a first date, I found myself amazingly calm.  Maybe I've had enough first dates that they are no longer terrifying for me.  Maybe I've had enough first dates that have lead nowhere that I no longer feel any pressure on a first d...

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Critique Group
I'm painfully shy.  Painfully!  I don't like that about myself, so I've been trying to force myself to get out of my comfort zone.  My hope is that by doing these things, I might overcome my shyness. I go to a monthly thing with women.  It's a guided-medita...

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It's cold outside.  No, it's stinkin' cold outside.  I don't deal well with the cold.  I lived in North Dakota for 4 years and Eastern Washington for 7 years, yet I'm still not a fan of the cold. I'm the first to wake up in my household.  We turn out heater...

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It was a wonderful night.  He seemed like such an amazing man.  Of course, I was going into it with eyes open, so I was able to spot his flaws.  Knowing he wasn't perfect somehow made him seem more perfect. As the evening progressed, I found myself falling ...

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Go Hawks!
Today is the big game, and all of Seattle and its surrounding areas are decked out in Blue and Green. Of course, you've got the Space Needle, painted all pretty for the occasion.  Earlier this week, the 12th man flag few over it, waving proudly.  However, t...

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Dance Partners
I've had three dance partners in my life, each so very different. The first was my father.  When I was twelve, our church held a Daddy Daughter Dance in which the leaders called out dances the fathers were supposed to teach their daughters.  Thank heavens m...

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For those of you who missed it - my birthday was last Tuesday.  It was a fairly quiet affair.  My son and I had dinner at the local Mongolian Grill and my mother fought traffic just so she could give me a birthday hug.  I got a couple of gifts at work, but ...
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