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I've always wanted to ride with a like-minded person like maybe a girl/woman on a bicycle and see what it feels like to go out on a date. And to think when we dont have to worry abt transport, fuel or abt blocking traffic. I think it wud be just awesome!!!

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Lets learn some lessons from Norway !!!

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The Karnataka State Biofuel Development Board (KSBDB) is organising a Three Day BIOFUEL MELA in B'lore to popularise the successful efforts of KSBDB and all stake holders in the Biofuels sector. We request y'all to take part in this event and help India move forward in terms of fuel independence, sustainable development and environmental protection.

Please check out the Event Brochure for full details by following the link provided below.

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Good Work, Mayor!!! I hope this is implemented ASAP.

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Hey Frnds, I guess y'all wud've heard of the 'Molesting Mob'. Sign this petition if u think they must be punished OR u can just be a bystander.

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Hey Frnds, pls make sure u join this fast in your respective cities. Lets do it together!!!
This is an Indefinite Fast organised by India Against Corruption, Karnataka Team.
Our Demands include:
1.Setting up of a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to finish the probe against 15 corrupt ministers within 6 months.
2.Handing over of all pending cases against corrupt party supremos to SIT for independent investigation.
3.Setting up of Fast Track Courts to complete trails against tainted members of Parliament within 6 months.

Deutsche Bank must be called 'Douche Bag' for wat they are supporting ;D

Hi frnds, speeding cars & reckless driving has become a serial-killer in India :'( Can we do sumthng abt this b4 anymore ppl lose their lives to this menace ???

I dont undrstnd why humans crave to have wild animals as pets thereby creating a demand bcos of which so many animals die unnecessarily. Lets realize that they too have the right to live in their natural habitats & are much more happier living there. Now its the turn of the slow lorises. Help protect them........
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