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Nothing is impossible


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Congratulations to the African Union Commission Chairperson, HE Dr Dlamini Zuma on the success of the #ASEOWA launch in stopping #Ebola across West Africa.

My gratitude to the Federal Government of Nigeria, AFDB, UNECA and the Private Sector for their commitment towards this cause and best wishes to the 1st batch of AU #ASEOWA volunteers heading to S/Leone & Liberia today. We are proud of you and we stand by you.
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Africa's wealth and it's future is in its youth. Let us #EndPoverty through initiatives that promote youth empowerment and economic growth
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Raise your voice to help get 58 million children into school! Join youth from around the world and international leaders as we rally for rights for education for every child. Let's all rise #UpForSchool
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Advocacy Declaration
The Private Sector Health Alliance has undertaken focused consultations with different segments of the private sector to orient members, distil priorities and develop a 2 Year Strategic Plan with broad based ownership.

Three themes emerged;
• The first is the advocacy role of the private sector to work closely with States and drive accountability through State scorecards and engage the public sector in priority reform areas including: 

- The National Health Bill and building the foundation for Universal Health Coverage, 
Fiscal policy, regulatory and access to capital reforms required to unlock the market potential of the private health sector
-  Strengthening primary healthcare and integrating programs at the primary healthcare level, including a renewed focus on nutrition and malaria; and utilizing innovative local market shaping engagements to increase access to life saving commodities and services,

• The second is the enabling role that the private sector can play in scaling up promising health innovations to create sustainable businesses, spur economic growth and facilitate impact investments that benefit the underserved and create jobs. 

I believe the Private Health Sector in Nigeria has the fundamentals to enable it become the envy of Africa, where the healthcare market in Nigeria becomes a hub for healthcare investments. Imagine if we created an enabling environment for local vaccine manufacturing, pharmaceutical companies, hospital chains, diagnostic centres, and HMOs. This would enable us better harness the resources and expertise of our medical Diaspora to meet the needs of our women and children. 

• The third is the urgency required to build public private partnerships to meet our 2015 health MDGs goals

Commitment Declaration

We have 7 more quarters till the 2015 MDGs deadline. I have said it before and I will say it again, 


I would like to call on private sector members and partners to join me as we make a declaration of commitment to save lives to meet health MDGs in the short term and unlock the market potential of the health sector in the mid-term.

It is time we also see the health sector in Nigeria as a business – a business to save lives, to create jobs and to create wealth.

Private Sector Health Alliance has developed a Strategic Action Plan; utilizing two instruments - A Private Sector Emergency Response Plan to contribute to saving one million lives; and a Health Impact Investment Fund.

The Strategic Action Plan is estimated to cost US $56.5 m over two years - prioritizing 14 high burden States. The Outcomes will be tracked through the Saving One Million Lives State Scorecards.

Given the urgency to act now; the Board of the Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria which includes myself, Mr. Jim Ovia, Dr. Muhammad Ali Pate, Mr. Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, Mrs Sola David Borha and others; is pleased to take the first bold step in moving the needle by declaring a commitment to raise $24.2 million to kick-off the implementation of the Private Sector Health Alliance Strategic Action Plan; we hope to mobilise the private sector and engage development partners to work with us in providing additional support and resource.
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As we commemorate 2014 World Malaria Day, I commend all those working across our great country to reduce the impact of malaria in Nigeria. 
In the spirit of the theme for the day: "Invest in The future: Defeat Malaria" and accompanying slogan: "Together We Can!" I invite all of us to join hands across our homes, our communities, our congregations, and our workplaces to raise awareness about, and to act to stop the alarming toll of malaria, a burden we all bear.

#Malaria is preventable. Malaria is Treatable. Malaria is Curable. We must recommit ourselves to: 
Invest in the Future by Defeating Malaria-
Surely Together We Can!
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The future belongs to those who are innovative in their thinking.
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Creating Sustainable Ways of Addressing Under-nutrition.

Under-nutrition is not simply a health imperative, it encompasses economic and competitive imperative with bearing on sustainable economic development, future earning potential, resilience and security around the world. 

It is grossly misunderstood - for example while Nigeria is making progress In reducing malnutrition, progress has been slow, causing cognitive issues for children, debilitating their growth, education and future earning power. We are glad that the Nigerian National Competitiveness Council is making it one of the key issues to track.

Economists estimate an 11% boost to GNP with the right investment in nutrition and more importantly an invaluable opportunity to cut down on more than 1/3rd of Child deaths per year attributed to under-nutrition. This makes it a moral imperative to tackle this issue.

Under-nutrition is a huge challenge that requires good thinking on a grand scale to make meaningful and sustainable progress. We need a holistic solution that incorporate cross-governmental intervention and investment in propriety actions from UN systems, civil society, donor agencies, NGOs and businesses.

Winning the fight against under-nutrition is not just about the right type of food, it is also about education, public enlightenment, water, sanitation and a raft of interdependent interventions that are known and proven. 

At Dangote Foundation, we are planning a nutrition campaign that would build on Kano State feeding programme. Success on this agenda would boost economic development; increase educational attainment; supercharge demographic dividend; reduce needless deaths and disease burdens, boost employment and facilitates poverty alleviation.

Our gratitude goes to the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) for its various intervention initiatives in Nigeria and for hosting a successful roundtable on nutrition in Davos. We hope to build momentum and drive action-oriented initiatives at the forthcoming 2014 World Economic Forum (WEF) Africa in Abuja on this often neglected issue. 
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