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Kyle Gardner
Husband, Father, Teacher
Husband, Father, Teacher

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December 2016
December is always so fun! Especially this year since instead of being sick on the couch all Christmas season- we got to actually enjoy it! The biggest exciting news... Steven and Meghan (My brother and sister-in-law) and their 3 little boys moved to Holbro...

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November 2016
As I went through my pictures of November I realized it was a pretty boring month. Not much happened. I still rock Ella, kids go to school, Kyle goes to work, I cook and clean. Just life. It's good that way. Ella's growing like crazy and still won't sleep b...

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October 2016
This blog isn't in exact order of events in October, but it's all here :) I remember in October really thinking that Ella was getting a little personality. She started inteacting with her toys more and was starting to turn into the baby the kids were lookin...

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September! It seems so long ago. This is why I love blogging right when it happens, you remember so much more of the little day to day details that you take for grated. Our days mostly were spent getting the kids to school, Kyle to work, and little Ella sle...

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July! July was jammed packed with loving on our new little girl. Between the 5 of us I don't think Ella ever got put down. Kyle was amazing with her and always volunteered to do anything he could. For the first time we had a summer baby so Kyle was home for...

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Ella Rose
The BIG event of June- Baby Ella's arrival!! We really tried to stay moving and active throughout June- but the last week was really hard. It was hot, my clothes didn't fit, and I was ready for little Ella to be on the outside. At my 37 and 38 weeks appoint...

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With the new baby girl being due date the end of June we figured we needed to keep June super busy to keep me entertained and my mind off having a baby. We did pretty good at doing something fun everyday. I'll go through the highlights :) On the anniversary...

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I'm so behind on documenting our family happenings! Super far behind. Instead of doing individual posts to catch us up- I'm going to go by months! When we came home from Disneyland, we jumped headfirst into Kyle's HS musical which was Mary Poppins. It was a...

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Disney Day 3
After a super adventurous first day at California Adventure, the kids were so excited to go to actual DISNEYLAND. With all their Disney Jr. and Pixar characters, California Adventure still felt like Disneyland- but I was excited to take them to the real thi...

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Disneyland is FUN! Day 1 & 2
This past January Kyle and I decided we really needed to take our kids on a vacation. We've taken them to Las Vegas (cousin's wedding) and to the valley a billon times, but we've never been on a real family vacation. We've always used the excuse "They are l...
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