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Have facebook cracked live video, I think they may have created a compelling offering. Here in the UK we have a national radio station LBC using it to broadcast live interviews. Today we've had a EU referendum and they're currently doing a live feed as the results come in over the next 8hrs. Commenting seems to be engaging live and also works well viewing after the event, interlinking through the broadcast.

If you already like pages that use live feeds then facebook does a good job of making you aware of the most relevant broadcasts in your news feed. Discovery is lacking but I've not see any of the competition find a way of doing it well.

I wonder if it would be a good avenue for Twit to trial, probable not full broadcasts of programmes but maybe similar to LBC in switching on the live feed for maybe a 10-15min segment of a programme, planned out when an ad is in the middle.

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4th birthday of the Pi tomorrow, plus new Pi 3 also coming out

Mini update that has come through this week looks to be making a significant improvement to battery life when in standby

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The joys of interpretation
In our house we call it a visitation from the Voodoo Prince . You know, when something completely inexplicable happens. When you have ruled out all other explanations, what you are left with must be the truth, however improbable. Today I spent most of the d...

Is google demoting G+?

Normally when I go to the google homepage I can click on my name and it will take me to G+, but now it not clickable and the hover message says looking for G+ then look in the google apps list.

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10 years today since I started geocaching, back then there were no smartphones and gps gadgets were relatively expensive.  First attempts were just relying on the OS map and clues taking me up in the hills, it was darn hard, 7 weeks later I finally found my first geocache with a local drive by with an easy clue - I was hooked and put the order in for a gps from America. 

10 years later totted up 405 finds mostly over the lake district, finding hidden gems and devilish caches in caves, down water logged tunnels, up many trees, the odd puzzle (not keen on puzzle caches), attempting to be first to find newly placed geocache and finding like many to have been beaten to them by a local fell runner.

My 1st find with map 27/06/2005 - Flannagan and Allen (Cumbria) -
My 1st find with GPS 09/07/2005 - Castle Hill -
FTF 29/01/2006 - Lift Thine Eyes to the Hills -
Favourite series - Quest for the Ring of Power -
longest walk (12 mile / 15 caches) - Uncle Monty's Country Cottage -
Most memorable - Secret Cave (Trail to the Cave) -
Most devious - It's a lock out - (4 hours carrying a large toolbox over fell finding keys to unlock all the padlocks)

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Westmorland Gazette hope you didn't notice they were one story short for today's edition, eye tests available if you missed it

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Today I have a perfect brie
Sometimes things just fall out right. Not very often, it has to be admitted, but just once in a while you get that feeling that everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds. This week at Bread of Heron, the Heron Corn Mill's community bread...

Did the windows 10 announcement go well? Reading all the comments on the various feeds it seems there are a lot of confused people, seeing a lot of the following queries:-

"Free for 1st year but do I then have to pay a subscription after that?"

"What if you're not entitled to the free upgrade, how much will Win10 be?"

"Are there different versions for the PC?"

"They say it'll be valid for the life of the device, what if my motherboard fails, will I have to buy a new OS licence?"
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