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You are what you think
Apart from learning
humility, golf can be a great window into the human condition. Some aspects of
the game are a metaphor for life, with lessons that are generalizable to the
grander scheme of things. Even to the point of preventing and managing mental
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What we should learn from the shooting of Justine
The tragic shooting of
Justine Ruszczyk by a police officer in Minneapolis is an example of the power
of culture in determining behaviour in society, in organisations, groups and
families. For reasons of which I
am not completely aware, I was looking throug...
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Personal Power
After a
short hiatus, ‘Reading Bumps and Entrails’ is back. Watch this space for
fortnightly blogs about psychology, leadership, organisations and the odd foray
into the fanciful. According
to Kerry O’Brien, Paul Keating (former Prime Minister of Australia)...
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The Manipulation of Public Opinion: An Unpleasant Truth
The Trump
phenomenon and the recent hand wringing about how social media can manipulate
public opinion has brought something about the human condition into stark
relief. While the
rest of the species on the planet and Mother Nature herself would probably
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On Reflection
Being able
to reflect or even be reflexive is frequently mentioned in the vast literature
on leadership. It appears as a useful skill in order to improve leadership performance
and one’s development as a leader. There is something tantalisingly sensible
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Learning for Organisational and Individual Change: A Process for Real Outcomes
In previous
papers and blogs, I have banged on a bit about the difference between the
acquisition of competences (knowledge and skills) and what, for the want of a
better term just yet, real learning. Competencies are essential for being able
to function bu...
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Change: Swings and Roundabouts You Cannot See
Finding it
hard to change your behaviour, get rid of a habit or get someone on your team
to change their behaviour? Finding change to be akin to teaching a pig to sing?
 it annoys the hell out of the pig and is
really, really hard work. A lot of
learning in...
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Human Irrationality 102: The Trump Phenomenon
As a
psychologist, it is difficult to resist exploring the Trump phenomenon. There
are two aspects to what is happening in probably the most bizarre presidential
race that I have seen in my lifetime. The first is the man himself and the second,
probably mor...
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Leadership: It's in the 'DNA'
I cannot understate my belief in the importance of leadership in the functional
effectiveness of groups of people. These groups include the greater society,
organisations and teams. Organisational and team effectiveness, for me, needs
to be measured both as...
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The images
of surfer Mick Fanning being attacked by a shark late last year were a stark
reminder that, despite our dubious skill of dominating other species, there are
some environments in which we are potentially very fragile. You may remember
that Fanning...
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