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Rights and Responsibility go together like Money and Morality. 
That which gives us the ability to claim rights and to do or say something also gives us the accountability (account/ability) to stand the consequences of exercising these rights, and gives us the responsibility for all our actions.
Similarly, that which gives us the ability to have & make money also gives us the ability to account for our morality in making it and having conformed to acceptable rules in the pursuit of it. Many of these rules are written and some are unwritten. Once enforced, these rules can lead to a society of responsible people with more rights and money. Opportunities are there, it’s just for us to make it happen.
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Bureaucracy & Trade
I agree that the bureaucracy in some of our Caribbean and Latin American countries may seem to be mind-numbing and even unnecessary at times! But if you think we have it bad, then you should try exporting to a first world country or setting up a business there?  They have a tremendous amount of regulations and bureaucracy that is required for doing business there. The major difference is that most of their systems and authorities are process oriented and once you go through the process correctly and professionally you can “see the light at the end of the tunnel” and get your business done.
In this region the processes are there but are left up to interpretation and the desires of individuals. This is where most of our trouble starts…
The Laws and bureaucracy which govern our countries in the Caribbean are adequate and needed for the protection of our sovereignty. They just need to be enforced effectively and professionally. This will help us become recognized as a law-abiding society, then even become a part of the international community which create international customs and norms for trade and set standards… thus leading us into the opportunity for access to markets which are locked away from us now.
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Opportunities are there!
Identifying them and maximising on the potential of these opportunities is what will lead to success. Is it just me or is there untapped potential because of unrecognised opportunities? As I scan the business & economic environment in the Caribbean and Latin America I observe that many internationally popular brands and companies rarely capitalise on the real potential for growth and development. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of strong customer relationships and consumer connection.
 This can easily be overcome by adopting a strategy of customer focus, identifying the gaps in the connection between you and your customer and consumers in all Latin American & Caribbean Territories. To attain this, the company must have a great understanding of the territory and the industry within and targeted territory, you must be familiar with the customs and norms of the consumers and the culture of the society.
Many “First World” countries donate financial “aid” to this part of the world. What is required for business growth and economic development is “Trade” not “Aid”.
We need; the removable of trade barriers, greater efforts by the “First World” to enable the professional development and improvement of business practices to meet and exceed fair & acceptable standards.
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Engage and Add Value! Apply this to all aspects of your business and success will come!
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