Hey, +Verizon Wireless is anybody home? Three full days and I haven't heard a thing? 
And what the heck, +Google? Your device isn't as advertised?
And BTW, why has this device suddenly gone off sale? 
UPDATE: The LTE Nexus 7 is back on sale. 
Oy, +Verizon Wireless, can someone there introduce the right hand to the left hand?

After weeks of waiting, I finally got my Google Nexus 7 LTE -- you may have heard, the groundbreaking tablet that can work on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. I go to a store in Bridgewater, New Jersey to add it to my shared-data plan. 

After getting past the clerk with attitude and an irritating smirk who butts in on my clerk and insists that the device doesn't work on Verizon -- and after showing him articles and tweets saying it does -- I get to a nice guy and a manager who try to enter my tablet's IMEI into your system. 

No go. Apparently no one in your vast corporation has thought ahead and added the product, even though it was announced weeks ago (the weeks when I've been waiting for it. 

They call their special number. I suppose I should find schadenfreude in the fact that even Verizon employees are forced to wait forever on hold for Verizon.

After explaining and explaining, the Verizon person on the phone can't help the Verizon person in the store help the Verizon customer in that store GIVE YOU MONEY!

WTF, +Verizon Wireless?

I had a similar problem when I took my brand new Chromebook Pixel into a store to get it added to this plan. No one then had anticipated this much-publicized new product and new relationship and I had to go through a rigmarole to get the right price for your product.

Each time, the only workaround would be to act as if my device were a phone and instead of paying the $10-per-month fee you advertise, I'd be charged $40 per month. Nice try. 

So I guess I will go get the free SIM sent to me with my Nexus 7 by T-Mobile with two gigs and a month free and I'll try them out afterall and then maybe I'll move my other five devices from Verizon to T-Mobile.

Great work, +Verizon Wireless. Jeesh.   

Oh, and I forgot to mention, T-Mobile still offers unlimited data plans for a helluva lot less than yours, Verizon. 

+T-Mobile, I'll be calling. 
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