Pardon me for complaining, but it's what I do. VERIZON: ARRGGGHHHH

The quick story (you're welcome): FIOS set-top boxes haven't gotten guide data or video-on-demand for weeks. Spent more than an hour last weekend going over every diagnostic (since when did that become the customer's job?). They sent us a new router. It didn't fix anything.

So I called back in today to schedule a call. Another half-hour wasted as I had to answer the same questions I answered last week. The guy on the phone was quite sympathetic and candid about their procedures, but he was stuck going through them. He had to ask me questions. He had to chat with a supervisor who asked him questions to ask me. He had to wait -- thus so did I -- to get approval from his supervisor. Then he scheduled me. Then -- here's the extra-stupid part -- he and thus I had to wait another 10 minutes to transfer me to the supervisor who did nothing but tell me I had the appointment I already had. 

Then I get a "confirmation" of the appointment. FOR THE WRONG FRIGGIN' WEEK. Now I'm going to have to call AGAIN. Scream, rinse, repeat. 

This idiocy costs me time and Verizon money. Does NO ONE think of the customer and efficiency? I should have been able to email them after the router didn't work and just get an appointment. But no..... This is a phone company. 

Oh, and in the midst of this, we got a letter from Verizon RAISING OUR RATES for this service that DOESN'T WORK. 

Thanks. I needed that. 
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