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Eric Klimp
One more person who thinks he couldn't survive without music.
One more person who thinks he couldn't survive without music.

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It's gonna be interesting to see how this goes.

Fly Eagles fly!

Driving downtown I was next to this guy in a nice new Nissan Z. 3 red lights in a row this guy turned his ignition off only to restart his engine some seconds later. I thought everyone knew that restarting your engine wastes more than you save in that little bit of time the engine was off.

TLDR; Idling an engine for a short time is more fuel efficient than constantly restarting the engine.

Anyone toying with #ingress? #ingressinvite?

I never thought I'd be jealous of Kansas City residents. They're the first to get Google Fiber.

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Who doesn't like free stuff? 
Enter to win an HTC EVO 3D here:
Sprint HTC EVO 3D Giveaway! 

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11 Dogfish brews on tap for 11/11/11

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You might want to check the link below if you feel threatened by Irene.

Red Cross hurricane safety checklist below. Red Cross also has a mobile application for the iphone that shows all open shelters. You can also friend American Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter in facebook for updates. The twitter account is redcrossphilly.
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