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Rachel Martin
Just a bumbly girl who loves to meet people, learn new things, and can't stop bouncing from garden to computer to yarn to wood to....
Just a bumbly girl who loves to meet people, learn new things, and can't stop bouncing from garden to computer to yarn to wood to....

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Friday Freebie.....Bathtub Day and National Flower Day
While getting things ready for this week's Friday Freebie, I started googling holidays applicable to this date...and wouldn't you know it but all on one day it is Bathtub Day and National Flower Day. Since those 2 things are something that we kinda speciali...

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Friday Freebie.....National Homemade Cookie Day, Chocolate Soap, and happy skin!
Did you know....tomorrow is National Homemade Cookie Day! Ok, truth be told I hadn't realized that Cookie Monster's favorite day of the year was ACTUALLY a thing until I jumped online and had a fun reminder pop up but once it was there I couldn't resist. He...

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Soap Mats/Face Scrubbies....a soft multi-use tool that is decorative too!
You know the frustration that comes with having those amazing, natural oil soaps that are soooo amazing for your skin...but which slip and slide all over the sink and counters leaving a soapy mess? Then you think, "That's ok, I have a soap dish"... but then...

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Imagine a scent that whisks you away to being able to feel a scene of sunlight pouring through the leaves in an orange grove to set the morning mist to sparkling even as it caresses your skin and sets your senses tingling. Well, in the layers of citrus and ...

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Lavender Petals a piece of lavender heaven!
Are you ready for a soap that smells as good as it looks, and feels even better against your skin? For ages, lavender has been used to soothe and give peace to a troubled or stressed mind, as well as for it's lovely appeal and attraction. Now you have the o...

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Friday Freebie.....Japanese Tea Garden shower melts
Can you believe that we're already at the end of September?! Honestly, until last night I was starting to wonder...and boy did it come with a bang around here at that point! hahaha So we thought that we'd help lend a cheery smile and a touch of exotic lands...

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Citrus Peel soap....a bubbly, energizing, sunshine bright source!
There are few things as bright, energetic, and comforting for many quite like the fresh smells of citrus when you first being cutting or tearing through that soft peel to get at the juicy fruit within. It just makes you want to breathe deeply and get up and...

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Friday Freebie....Summer Meadows
Over here, John's absolute favorite bar of soap has been (and probably will mostly always be) our Summer Meadows. The scent blend of lemon and lemongrass essential oils with the caress of the calendula petals is something that just takes you straight into o...

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Chocolate Truffle Bath, heavenly, and decadent!
There are few things that speak of decadence like immersing yourself in a rich, indulgent delight such as soaking in chocolate. Guess what, folks...we figured out a way to make it so you can actually sit back and REALLY enjoy that moment even as your skin i...

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Coffee Scrub Natural Oil Soap...perfect for cutting grime and grease!
Anyone who enjoys to cook, likes to spend time in the garden, or works with engines can appreciate the way that a person's skin will absorb the strong and at times unique smells and oils which seem to soak into every crease just as you're preparing that pra...
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