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Judy Yiu
Trying to stay as hidden as possible on this open forum
Trying to stay as hidden as possible on this open forum

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Keiki Paste
Keiki is the Hawaiian term for "baby" and that's what a keiki is on an orchid, a baby plant. You're most likely to find keikis on phalaenopsis, dendrobium, and epidendrum orchids but it's not unheard of on other types. They will grow either on an existing s...

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June 2016 Update
I thought I'd try something new. It's prime growing season and there are a lot of updates to be done so I made a video and walked you through all of my window sills. I actually made two videos because I forgot about Phal Balden's Kaleidescope. It was sittin...

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Unexpected Surprises
In the last week, I noticed some new growths on some of the orchids that I thought perhaps I was actually killing! This is a mini phal that I had gotten in the HHOS Christmas party swap. I had a mini phal a couple of years ago and it died from lack of water...

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Twinkle, it keeps going
I was inspecting Twinkle this morning hoping to see some new root growth and instead, spotted a little pseudobulb! New growth always makes me so excited! I keep Twinkle in a south facing window and it seems to like it there!

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Some not sickly orchids
Last week I told you about the Home Depot Orchid. It's looking a little better but it's probably still too soon to tell. When they get sick, they get sick fast but when things are going well, things move pretty slowly. In the mean time, I've got some happie...

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Last ditch effort
Home Depot Orchid was the one that kept this madness going. Lately, he has been the one that has been ailing. There was a spike, but the spike only lasted a couple of weeks. Normally, when the flowers fade, the stem turns brown and dried and shriveled. This...

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More flowers from Home Depot Orchid!
I'm excited to see Home Depot Orchid flowering again! There are three flowers open now with one more in bud. However, I'm concerned about its health. All of the leaves are wrinkly like it's not getting enough water. When I check the roots, I see they're sti...

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Twinkle in bloom!
I am really excited to see my Oncidium Twinkle in bloom! These are the first blooms from new pseudobulbs that grew under my watch!  Last year, I had yanked off three pseudobulbs because they were developing brown spots that I thought might have been rot and...

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Mushroom progress and harvest
They grow very quickly! This was the progress after a week! When they started to look dried out, it was time to harvest. I didn't think they were getting any bigger. It's not much but it was enough for me to add to my scrambled eggs this morning (along with...

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Mushrooms growing
At least, I think they're growing. I noticed today there are some little blobby things that weren't in the picture in the last post! I followed the instructions on the box which was to cut an X in the plastic packaging and then let it soak in water for abou...
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