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Adam Brymora
Australian SF writer and illustrator
Australian SF writer and illustrator

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Now this is interesting: Breast milk is chock full of stem cells. I wonder why?

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Cat parasites might cause human brain chemistry alterations?

Now I know why I'm a "dog person".

I thought about seeing The Three Musketeers in the cinema today, but it's only showing in 3D.

So, I'm not going—I can get my headaches for free at home.

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Fully automatic Lego rubberband assault rifle. Clearly, this is what LEGO is for.

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Haiku about my week:

Bones of a garden
Decay's hand and shovel turns
Watered seeds bring life

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I will be peeling garlic like this from now on. It's the loud, brutal things in cooking that make it so much fun. (Via Ellen Datlow on FB)

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Paper - fold it, you will.

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Why do I have the A-Team theme song in my head this morning? I have no idea, but I can roll with it.
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