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Just in case you don't have access to the shared folder "Sales Forecasts"...
We're selling ChaosKey devices starting today.

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"It's a really obscure privacy feature, you've probably never heard of it."

Firefox has some built-in functionality that provides a lot of protections against third-party data collection, and does it in a way that's friendly to legit web sites.

For various reasons, some of the best stuff is buried in Preferences and "about:config".

Until now. 

Here is a Firefox add-on that

 * turns on Tracking Protection

 * makes the third-party cookie policy similar to the Apple Safari one.

Helpful for testing web sites, to make sure they're future-proof, too.

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Depressing password hints for extra-bitter security.

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In the wake of the Judgment Day we decided to release something apocalyptic:

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Live demo at the booth at #CassandraSummit -- in about 2 hours.  See you at 6pm in the exhibit hall.

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"EPA and CARB uncovered the defeat device software after independent analysis by researchers at West Virginia University, working with the International Council on Clean Transportation, a non-governmental organization, raised questions about emissions levels..."

Would it be mean to hope that everyone who has ever written a "no reverse engineering" clause gets stuck behind a VW in traffic tomorrow?

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Solid coding/writing keyboard. I have the SGK-4000-GKCL1 (Cherry MX Blue switches) version, and it works/feels great. Heavy enough not to move around.

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Works for me. Protect your security and protect the sites you use from data leakage and fraud.
Protect your privacy. Fend off online trackers. Install Privacy Badger today.
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