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Erin Reimer
Details of my cooking, baking and wine tasting adventures
Details of my cooking, baking and wine tasting adventures

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Beef Rogan Josh
 I don't often make curry at home because I can't stand when curry doesn't taste authentic. But, the first time I made this recipe, my hubby couldn't believe it wasn't from our favorite takeout place. So, if you're an authentic curry lover like I am, you'l...

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From Scratch: Rogan Josh Curry Paste
I tend to make a lot of things from scratch instead of buying them. Usually things made from scratch taste better and they are better for you because they are made with real ingredients instead of processed ingredients. The downside is that making things fr...

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{Pantry Basics} What's the Deal with Butter
It's time for another pantry basics post! In past pantry basics posts we've covered Olive Oil and Coconut Oil , so I thought it was only fitting to also cover butter to round out the picture. Image from Butter is a dairy product made by chur...
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