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Denise Hills
NJ native, living in Alabama, Hawaiian girl at heart
NJ native, living in Alabama, Hawaiian girl at heart

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This is an important commentary about "benevolent sexism." It does exist, and it can harm. This also helps explain WHY I felt so irritated by a recent event at my work, ostensibly promoting women - I felt marginalized, feeling as the only way I was worthy of honor was because of my chromosomal makeup.

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“slipped the surly bonds of earth and touched the face of God” explains why I want to travel to space so very badly, no matter the risk.

I think it speaks volumes that so few have been lost in manned spaced flight, with all the dangers. We are truly an amazing species, when allowed to stretch our wings and test our limits.

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Interesting article on serotonin and depression. It's not the full answer. Anyone have any more resources on this?

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Not all teachers or parents teach this way, but many do. We need to change this mindset if we want our children to succeed.

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As a parent of a boy and a girl, this resonates:

G loves school. She thrives with the expectations of her (all women) teachers. When she acts up, it's in an "accepted" way. She gets rewarded for her good behavior, and responds well to it. She doesn't behave well to get rewarded, but rather because she wants to please her teachers.

K doesn't like school. Part of that is that K acts like a boy, and often then gets in trouble. Even his teachers recognize he's not a "bad" kid, he just functions differently. This year, with a male teacher, in general he's done much better. (Although I must give his current school credit - it is MUCH more accepting of his different behavior than his kindergarten school.) K doesn't respond well to a rewards-system, either - he will want to be rewarded because he's been good (for something that should just be expected) and cries foul when he is not rewarded or when rewards are applied unfairly.

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Interesting. I'd like to also see poses of some men on sci-fi/fantasy covers done, too - I don't think they're as unrealistic, but I suspect they are also uncomfortable and unnatural. Probably emphasizing different attributes as well.

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Okay. HuffPo has issues at times, but this is important. There are not "boy" colors and "girl" colors, or "boy" games and "girl" games. There are colors, and games. Enjoy what you love!

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Photos of the kids in Williamsburg. One at Crim Dell, the other two at the Wren. Ginny loved seeing where Mummy and Daddy got married!
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Ahhhh.... Sitting down with a beer waiting for my Hot Holly. Got a new W&M sweatshirt, too. Not quite the same at Paul's with kids, though. But still awesome. (sorry if this is double-posted-having AT&T access issues here in the 'burg, apparently.)

As always, mouse overs text FTW!

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