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win apple gear here!

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chance to win some prime apple tech right here.

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This is my latest tune ... Still needs polish, but I'm pleased enough to share it.

Any thoughts great fully received.


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Tune from this weekend ... it still needs polish, but I like it enough to share.

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My second track ...

I will post the field analysis ASAP ... I am still working out where my nice headphones are to get the full effect of each track.

I love the google docs template for analysis, it's a really good way to think about the music - I guess particularly in an electronic style.

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I analysed 2 tracks yesterday, although I think with electronic music is it more of a challenge ... What do you call 6 separate synths sounds so others can recognise it?

My two tracks were:

Paul hardcastle - What's going on
Thievery corporation ... Until the morning

I'm feeling pretty stupid at the moment .. where is the first assignment? 

Sod my job  ... Let's get started creating some tunes!
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