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Peter Brewer
Yep, I am 'That Peter Brewer'. If you recognise me in a photo, you'll know its me. :)
Yep, I am 'That Peter Brewer'. If you recognise me in a photo, you'll know its me. :)

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I like this guy's camera and video tutorials. 

I've loved his indoor shots at his desk and in this video he explains the camera stuff behind those shots.  

I always thought his lighting was amazing and now I know the secret... but, unfortunately, that amazing, long skylight is not really an option for most people.  

I love what he puts on the wall in the background of these videos. Kinda homey with the little framed artwork. That IS an option for most people. It's a little personal but not super personal, for example, he's not using family photos.  

The background in a lot of indoor real estate videos is, well... bad.  I'm struggling with the fact that I haven't hit upon the perfect background for shooting indoor videos and it's causing me to avoid doing indoor videos (plus remodeling my websites is taking me FOREVER).  Instead of waiting until I hit upon the perfect background, I think I should just do some videos and improve the background and everything else as I go along.  With me, the perfect is often the enemy of the good.

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I kinda dig my new profile on vizify. The price is right and the social site aggregation is cool.

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Great piece by +Bill Lublin 

A perspective from @Annieb25 on the horrible tragedy in London. It's time for the world to lighten the f*#k up. 

Quite possibly the best selection of tech and social webinars for Real Estate Agents assembled so far. by @katielance

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Love this!

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