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Find out how SproutCore makes smaller apps, demo of SproutCore Touch, and intro to TransformJS in my SC meetup talk:

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New Post: "Design for the Mobile Web's Ubiquity"

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+Majd Taby wrote an interesting blog post on why web developers are drowning their own ecosystem. Check it out for sure. Here is my reaction:

Quite enjoyable. I think part of the problem is that the web caters to tinkerers. The architects all gather at the watering hole of the desktop. They know their bounds, the tools are tried and true, and the other architects are there.

The web has been, and is still, a place of "children." Those who are the integrators, builders, designers look at the web and see a mess. "What are the tried and true tools? What are the stable frameworks? What are the tricks of the trade? What are the UI/UX conventions?"

None of these questions are answered. Instead the web development world looks like the chimpanzee cage at the zoo. Each monkey has found a different way to use tools, but is only interested in what works for his/herself. There is no mental coordination whatsoever.

I like the point that you make most should abandon making tools. The impression that I get when reading hacker news or any other equivalent to my mom's fridge of paper awards when I was a kid, is that each individual says "I am going to build a web framework with which people can build the most amazing web apps." For every 100 of those people, there is maybe one person saying "I am going to build the most amazing web apps."

Some of these frameworks are really interesting and cool and there will be time for them later. People are trying to copy Cocoa (Apple's software stack) or build with a similar mindset because developers use of the cool features in it, but that is because it offers a steady foundation and core. Once the developers get started they want more and more and more and use it. When the web offers all of these "more" packages, they are left unused because no one wants them.

My analogy of this would be that all of these people are designing awesome tools like drills, radial arm saws, band saws, routers, lathes, etc which are all awesome bits of tech, but the average web developer is still stuck trying to figure out the most intelligent way to cut down a tree, since there are so many different kinds of trees and there is anything but consistency in the methodology of others.

Abandon your tools and your micro-frameworks; say goodbye. Work with whatever there is... YES, deal with it. Dazzle, amaze, and impress the viewers; you can do it with hundreds of existing tools, then when the UI/UX is evolving (in the higher-order sense) look back at what tools will further it along instead of imagining what "might" fit the needs of developers.

Best of luck to you all :D

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Can you put a person in multiple circles?

Google+ has potential to pull me away from facebook easily, not so much twitter.

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+Kevin Matzen I love having you in my circles

Late 90s/Early 00s alternative rock will always hold a special place in my heart. Shout out to Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Staind, Hoobastank, Switchfoot, etc.

Just found an 8-post blog I started in 2006 writing about God and Religion. Woah. I was a freshmen at the time. (I also found out that I've been using the 'jtaby' name for 5 years now O_o)
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