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John Bessa
Showing that western society is now purely oligarchic via education
Showing that western society is now purely oligarchic via education

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This was 3 yrs ago, since then I put together the google docs replacement thingy using TinyMCE, mongoose server and some php I use this for everything pretty much (on Firefox) and print the html with Chrome. Beyond HTML is SVG that can be blended with "rich" text with CSS. I dream of the day that we view (and create) SVG pages (will we survive to see this?)

Google critical inquiry
More false charity (Lewis Mumford, Technics and Civilization) -- Google Docs forced me to create replacement software because they forced an upgrade from basic editing to  paper-style, printing-oriented MS Word format (that is very slow).  Everyone criticizes FB -- but not Google's hypocrisy.  It includes its universal use of free software (Linux, etc) and support for it (summer of code, etc) but finds itself unable to share its own code, or even allow its orphaned code to exist in some way.

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30 foot tide left sheets of ice caught in bushes, cracked like thin glass 2011.. 
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Royal "knock-out" gene: 2 KO sequences plus high IQ   Protecting
bloodlines especially includes protecting two KOed sequences:
anti-empathy preventing "pollution" by normal empathic DNA sequences
(royal bastards) this is where high-end religion and indus...

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two factors from the 1930s are cited: eviction of long-term tenant farmers to form a proletariat, and collective punishment as a response to the backlash by the sufferers

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a look into the "pale of Jewish settlement" prior to the holocaust for evidence of "our" socialism in secular Judaism not unlike Christ' new Judaism that became Christianity over early centuries

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green flags opposing pogroms during the russ. revolution need to be cited

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anti-Dialectic: Political background
The dialectic is the core and defective " oligarchic " component across Western Civilization, and is found in similar formats in other civilizations that can be compared. Knowing this actually creates an ability to view civilization with an eye to convertin...
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