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Leah Brett

My BestFriend is my everything at the moment shes having a tough time but im here for her although she cant read this i would like to say thank you to my bestfriend for being the greatest bestfriend EVER shes always there for me she makes me laugh and shes so supportive amazingly pretty! and a little embarassing but thats why i love her! Ive known her my whole life we were neighbours in this flat and we shared a garden and our families are really close, shes like my sister as well as my bestfriend, her and her family mean everything to me and if i lost them i dont know what i would do! She mens the world to me and no-one can understand how much i care for her! I love to much that sometimes even i dont understand! Weve had about 2-3 arguements the whole time we've known each other and theyve been very small! So to my bestfriend id like to say: with what you going through it must be tough but your'll make it through i'll be here every step of the way my beautiful your my life and without you id have no reason to live, you will make it through this im by your side if you ever need me 24/7 im ALWAYS here! I Just cant explain how much you mean to me i just cant! I Just want to say to my bestfriend Georgia Baily ILOVEYOU!
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