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A great example of how Siri can take some plain language and make a location based repeating reminder. Seems like magic to me!

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I've had a chance to "digest" from Apple's iPhone 4S announcement yesterday. Looking forward to the webinar tomorrow night. Hope you can join me.

After getting the question twice today, i decided to make a video that shows you how to remove connections on LinkedIn. How to Remove LinkedIn Connections

I'm sure that someone at the CPAmerica will ask me a question about Google+ during my talk this morning. I better have a recent post! (And I'll probably whine about not being able to use my REAL account with G+.)

Excited to see the new Google+ features but one key one is missing: access for Google Apps customers. (You know, the ones that actually pay.)

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Sometimes I forget just how great the content is on So much great training from great authors and very well produced.
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